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Emanuela Lepore

PhD student – Walsh Scholar

Research Interests

I am interested in soil physics and, in particular by how extreme soil moisture conditions affect soil structural changes during field operations.

My research focuses on:
i) developing a method to determine field trafficability and workability to incorporate in the decision support tool for grassland management practice
ii) building soil resilience against compaction through the application of farm by-products.

Current Projects

I am currently working under the supervision of David Wall (Teagasc, Johnstown Castle) and Prof. Olaf Schmidt (University College Dublin) on the AgriChemWhey project.

The research project investigates the relationship between soil moisture content and physical damage of grasslands under traffic activities and the role played by organic and inorganic amendments in the development of soil resilience against compaction.

In this project, I am using computed tomography (CT –scanning) to visualise and characterise pore networks development and hydraulic property analyser (HYPROP) to measure hydraulic key functions of soil treated with amendments to resist field compaction.

Read more about our project in  https://www.bbi.europa.eu/projects/agrichemwhey


  • 2019  -  M.Sc. Double Diploma Degree: Management & Design of Urban Green Infrastructures, RUDN University (Russia)Forestry & Environmental Science, University of Tuscia (Italy)
  •  2017  -  B.Sc. Forestry & Environmental Science, University of Tuscia (Italy)

Emanuela has published several peer reviewed scientific papers.  A full list of her work is available on her Orcid account:

Emanuela's Orcid Account

Ivashchenko, K., Lepore, E., Vasenev, V., Ananyeva, N., Demina, S., Khabibullina, F., ... & Dovletyarova, E. (2021). Assessing soil-like materials for ecosystem services provided by constructed technosols. Land, 10(11), 1185.

Ivashchenko, K., Lepore, E., Ananyeva, N., Khabibulina, F., Vaseneva, I., Vasenev, V., ... & Dovletyarova, E. (2019, January). Eco-physiological indicators as an assessment of materials quality applied for the urban Technosols construction. In Geophysical Research Abstracts (Vol. 21).

Lepore E., Ivashchenko K., Sushko S., Hajiaghayeva R., Dolgikh A, “The C-use efficiency by microorganisms of various substrates applied for urban soils construction”. ЛОМОНОСОВ-2018. ООО "МАКС Пресс". 2018. P. 70-71.