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Gary Lanigan

Research Officer

Research Interests

The area of research I am focused on is quantifying and drawing up mitigation strategies for gaseous emissions associated with agricultural practices. These emissions include the major greenhouse gases; carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, as well as non-greenhouse emissions, such as ammonia. In particular, I am interested in looking at the effects of changes in land management and/or land use on nitrous oxide, carbon and ammonia fluxes.

Current Projects

  • An evaluation of strategies to control ammonia emissions from the land spreading of cattle slurry and cattle wintering facilities. 
  • Managing soil organic carbon in Irish agricultural soils.

Prof. Lanigan has published seveal peer reviewed scientific papers:

Lanigan G.J., Betson N & Griffiths H. (2007) Determining photo-respiratory fractionation and effects on carbon isotope discrimination in Senecio species. Plant Physiology (in press).

Gottshack, Lanigan et al. (2007) Estimating uncertainty in Carbon flux studies. AGEE 21, 175-185

Gilmanov, Lanigan et al. (2007) Partitioning Grassland NEE into GPP & ecosystem respiration using a light function analysis. AGEE 21, 93-120

J. Clifton-Brown, Lanigan G.J., Taylor R.B., Burke J.I. and Jones M.B.(2005) The carbon balance of long-term and newly established temperate grasslands. XX International Grassland Congress: Offered papers. Eds. F.P. O'Mara, R.J. Wilkins, L. 't Mannetje, D.K. Lovett, P.A.M. Rogers and T.M. Boland p 595. Wageningen Academic Publishers.

Davis, P.A., Lanigan G.J. et al. (2005) Net ecosystem productivity of a grassland in comparison with an arable and a forest ecosystem. Offered papers. Eds. F.P. O'Mara, R.J. Wilkins, L. 't Mannetje, D.K. Lovett, P.A.M. Rogers and T.M. Boland p 591 Wageningen Academic Publishers.

Ghashghaie J Badeck F Lanigan G Nogues S Tcherkez G Deleens E, Cornic G and Griffiths H (2003) Carbon isotope fractionation during dark respiration and photorespiration. Phytochemistry Reviews 2(1/2): 145-161

Osborne B.A, Black, K., Lanigan G.J., Perks M. & Clabby G. (2003) Survival on the exposed limestone pavement in the Burren: photosynthesis and water relations of three co-occurring species. Biology and Environment 103B (3) 125-137.

Lanigan, G., Griffiths, H., Hall, N., Jones, H. G., and King, G. (2002). Stable isotopes and their use as molecular markers. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology 132, 149-152.

Lanigan, G.J., B.A. Osborne and G. Clabby (1998) Population differentiation in Mycelis muralis(L.) Dumort (asteraceae) I. Physiological characteristics of 'sun' and 'shade' genotypes. Biology and Environment 98B : 55-56.