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Anne Maria Mullen

Research Officer

Research Interests

Anne Maria Mullen (PhD) is overseeing the research programme for recovery of value from meat by-product and waste streams. Her research interests have also addressed issues relating to various aspects of meat processing (post slaughter interventions) and meat quality (technological, eating etc.). In particular she has focused on biochemical and molecular factors underpinning variability in meat quality and the impact of post-mortem process interventions on product quality.
Dr Mullen was responsible for expanding the meat research programme to incorporate the application of relevant genome and proteome platforms in addressing issues of importance in meat quality.
She has co-ordinated and collaborated on projects funded through EU Framework, FIRM and EI. In addition Dr Mullen served as Head of Department (2005-2010) leading a staff of up to 20 comprising permanent and contract researchers, technical personnel and students. Publications relate to molecular basis of meat quality, bioactive elements in offal and low value meat, and general meat quality.
She has presented her research on many occasions at international and national conferences; she is a member of the EI – Global Skills Team (Pet Food) and is an editor with Frontiers Genetics. She regularly contributes to proposal evaluations at national and international levels, PhD evaluations and is also involved with training and information programmes in meat technology for the Irish meat industry and relevant agencies.


BSc Biochemistry (1991), University College Galway
PhD (1995) Pharmacology, University College Galway

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