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Aude Mancia

PhD Student

Research Interests

After several experiences in various research fields (e.g. animal science, parasitology, mycology), my PhD project made me discovered a real interest in soil biochemistry, particularly the nitrogen cycle. I really enjoy trying to determine what factors influence the different transformation processes of this cycle. I believe that such understanding of the mechanisms can help to reduce the agricultural nitrogen losses.

Current Projects

I am currently working under the supervision of Dominika Krol and Sinead Waters from Teagasc and Dave Chadwick from Bangor University, Wales, UK, on a project focusing on the assessment of gaseous nitrogen losses associated with the deposition of sheep urine in grasslands. I established nitrous oxide emission factors to refine the estimations in the national greenhouse gas inventory. I also carried out a soil incubation experiment to assess the impact of soil type on (de)nitrifiers communities and subsequent gaseous N losses (N2O, N2, NO). I am now working on establishing a nitrogen budget on a paddock scale for different sheep grazing systems.


  • Ongoing    PhD in soil science
  • 2018             MSc degree in agriculture engineering
  • 2013             Technological degree in biological and biochemical analyses

Aude has published peer reviewed scientific papers:

Mancia, A., Chadwick, D. R., Waters, S. M., & Krol, D. J. (2022). Uncertainties in direct N2O emissions from grazing ruminant excreta (EF3PRP) in national greenhouse gas inventories. Science of The Total Environment, 803, 149935

 In preparation: Mancia A., Chadwick D.R., Waters S.M., Krol D.J. Low N2O emissions associated with sheep excreta deposition in temperate intensively managed lowland grassland and extensively grazed hill pasture.