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Brian McGuinness


Research Interests

  • Plant disease diagnostics
  • Mushroom disease diagnostics
  • Forest disease pathology

Current Projects

  • Disease survey of cut foliage plantations and nurseries (DAFM funded)


  • 2016, MSc (Trinity College Dublin)
  • 2008, BaMod (Trinity College Dublin)
  • 1995, Dip Bioanalysis (Institute of Technology, Tallaght
  • 1993, Cert Applied Bio (Institute of Technology, Tallaght)
  • Nemesio-Gorriz M, McGuinness B, Grant J, Dowd L, Douglas GC (2019). Lenticel infection in Fraxinus excelsior shoots in the context of ash dieback. iForest 12: 160-165. – doi: 10.3832/ifor2897-012 [online 2019-03-04]
  • McEvoy, A. , O' Regan, F. , Fleming, C. C., Moreland, B. P., Pollock, J. A., McGuinness, B. W. and Hodkinson, T. R. (2016), Bleeding canker of horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) in Ireland: incidence, severity and characterization using DNA sequences and real‐time PCR. Plant Pathol, 65: 1419-1429. 
  • McGuinness B. (2015), Climate change producing work for plant disease detectives. Today’s farm, 26:22-23. 
  • McGuinness B., Grogan H.M. (2015) Horticulture plant pathology. T Research, 10: 36-37 
  • Geösel, András & Sipos, László & McGuinness, Brian & J, Győrfi & Kókai, Zoltán. (2011). Computer Supported Sensory Profiling Analysis of Three Agaricus cultivars. Journal of Life Sciences. 5. 575-579. 
  • Guinan KJ, Cunningham RT, Meenagh A, Gonzalez A, Dring MM, McGuinness BW, Middleton D and Gardiner CM , Signatures of natural selection and co-evolution between Killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptors (KIR) and HLA class I genes. , Genes and Immunity, 11, (6), 2010, p467-478