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Caoileann Murphy

Postdoctoral Fellow – Nutrition and healthy ageing

Research Interests

Caoileann is currently based in Australian Catholic University Melbourne on outgoing phase of fellowship.

My research investigates lifestyle interventions to support healthy aging. In particular, my research focuses on nutrition and exercise strategies to prevent and treat age-related declines in muscle strength and mass (termed sarcopenia) and, more recently, osteoporosis.

Current Projects


Nutri-Age aims to investigate whether nutrients found in fruit and vegetables can help to offset the unfavourable changes in muscle and bone associated with ageing in older adults. In addition, Nutri-Age aims to provide new insights into why older adults in Ireland choose the foods that they do and into their attitudes towards food products that are fortified with health-promoting nutrients for healthy ageing.


Ph.D., Kinesiology, McMaster University, Canada

M.Sc. Sport and Exercise Nutrition, Loughborough University, UK

B.Sc. Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Professional Membership

The Nutrition Society

  1. Murphy C.H., McCarthy S.N. and Roche, H. (2023) Nutrition strategies to counteract sarcopenia: a focus on protein, LC n-3 PUFA, and precision nutrition Proceedings of the Nutrition Society (In press)
  2. Murphy C.H., McMorrow A.M., Flanagan E.M, Cummins H., McCarthy S.N., McGowan M.J Rafferty S., Egan B., De Vito, CorishC.A.and Roche, H. (2023) Prevalence and determinants of sarcopenia in community-dwelling older adults in Ireland Aging Clinical and Experimental Research (Epub ahead of print, DOI 10.1007/s40520-023-02453-4)
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  4. Murphy C.H. (corresponding author), Duggan E., Davis J., O'Halloran A.M., Knight S.P., Kenny R.A., McCarthy S.N., & Romero-Ortuno R. (2023) Plasma lutein and zeaxanthin concentrations associated with musculoskeletal health and incident frailty in The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) Experimental Gerontology (Epub ahead of print, DOI 1016/j.exger.2022.112013)
  5. Murphy C.H., Connolly C., Flanagan M., Mitchelson K.A.J, de Marco Castro E., Egan B., Brennan L., and Roche H.M. (2022) Interindividual variability in response to protein and fish oil supplementation in older adults: a randomized controlled trial Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle doi: 10.1002/jcsm.12936 (epub ahead of print).
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Invited conference presentations

2022 The Nutrition Society Irish Section Conference – “Nutrition strategies to counteract age-related sarcopenia: from old players to new kids on the block” (Cork, Ireland) [Julie Wallace Lecture]

2020 European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN) Congress - “Effect of leucine-enriched protein supplementation alone and in combination with fish oil-derived n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on muscle mass and function in pre-sarcopenic older adults” (Virtual)

2020 Rheumatology & Gerontology Conference: Healthy Ageing for Bones, Bodies and Minds – “Sarcopenia and protein supplementation” (Dublin, Ireland)

2020 The Nutrition Society Irish Section Postgraduate Conference – “From PhD to postdoc: what I’ve learnt on the journey so far” [Keynote presentation]

2019 British Gerontology Society 20th International Conference on Falls and Postural Stability – “Role of nutrition and exercise as interventions for sarcopenia in fallers” (London, UK)

2019 Falls, Frailty, Polypharmacy, Sarcopenia Conference – “Combating sarcopenia - role of nutrition and physical activity” (Dublin, Ireland)

2018 European Society of Swallowing Difficulties Congress – “Preventing malnutrition and sarcopenia in high risk older populations” (Dublin, Ireland)

2018 Inaugural Joint Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute and Nutrition Society Symposium - “Nutritional strategies for the prevention and treatment of sarcopenia and sarcopenic obesity” (Dublin, Ireland)

2018 Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute Research Symposium “Nutritional strategies for the prevention and treatment of sarcopenia and sarcopenic obesity” (Dublin, Ireland)

2018 The Physiological Society H3 symposium: Muscle physiology and metabolism – “Nutritional strategies to preserve muscle mass in ageing” (London, UK)

2018 Sport Ireland HPX 2017 Knowledge Exchange Conference –“Protein: is it the nutrient panacea?” (Dublin, Ireland)

2016 16th Annual Nutrition Workshop - “Nutrition in sport and exercise for the newly motivated” (Hamilton, Canada) [Keynote presentation]

Invited webinars

2022 European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians - “Practical aspects of optimizing food-focused protein nutrition”

2021 Gatorade Sports Science Institute / Pepsico - “Dietary  supplementation in older adults: impact on muscle mass, strength and physical performance”

2019 Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute - “Active ageing: distinct nutrition, distinct innovation?”

2017 Nestle-Sponsored Irish Pharmacy Union Webinar - “Dietary protein for optimal health and performance: A lifecycle perspective”

2017 International Society of Sports Nutrition - “Exercise and nutrition strategies to preserve muscle mass and function with age”