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Craig Murphy

Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Research Interests

Impact of male fertility on Irish dairy herds
Assisted reproductive technologies
Sperm molecular biology
Sexed semen use in the Irish dairy herd

Current Projects

Evaluation of sexed semen breeding strategies in Irish dairy herds.
Investigation of male reproductive factors contributing to fertility.
Impact of sexed semen use on genetic gain within the Irish dairy herd


PhD in Male Reproductive Physiology (2014), University of Limerick.
BSc. Ed in Biological Sciences with Chemistry (2011), University of Limerick

  • Murphy, C., Fahey, A. G., Shafat, A., and Fair, S. (2013). Reducing Sperm Concentration is Critical to Limiting the Oxidative Stress Challenge in Liquid Bull Semen. J Dairy Sci 96: 7, 4447-54.
  • Murphy, C., English, A. M., Holden, S. A., and Fair, S. (2014). Cholesterol improves the cryo-survivability of stallion spermatozoa. Anim Reprod Sci 145: 3-4, 123-9.
  • Murphy, C. and Fair, S. (2013) Effect of sperm and catalase concentrations on the oxidative status of liquid stored bull semen. Reprod Domest Anim 48: Suppl 1, 84. European Society of Domestic Animal Reproduction, Sept 11 – 12.
  • Murphy, C., Tsikis, G., Labas, V., Ferchaud, S. and Druart, X. (2014) Membrane protein profiles differ for boar sperm of high, medium and low osmotic resistance. The 12th International Symposium on Spermatology 12: 38. Aug 10 - 14.
  • Murphy, C., Holden, S. A., Murphy, E. M., Cromie, A.R., Lonergan, P. and Fair, S. (2015) The impact of storage temperature and sperm number on the fertility of liquid-stored bull semen. Reprod Fert Dev. In press.