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Mohammad Mohammadrezaei

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Research Interests

Mohammadrezaei is PhD in Agricultural Extension. His research interests are mainly focused on developing and comparing social-psychological models in predicting farmers’ behaviours towards sustainability, health and safety. Exploring the role of human well-being (subjective and objective perspective) on farmers’ quality of life and behaviours has been focused in his research. He works in transdisciplinary context, addressing the role of human well-being aspects on changing farmers’ behaviours in through comparing different behavioural models.

Designing the extension interventions towards changing multiple behaviours by improving general predictors is one of his research interests.

He uses of the recent perspectives in terms of data analysis in modelling behaviours. Predicting behaviours using Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) as well as applying various statistical analyses are predominantly applied in his research. He has an interest in designing survey using both quantitative and qualitative measures to outline which socio-psychological factors drive farmers to be more sustainable and safe.

He is currently working on behavioural prediction models to figure out the role of socio-psychological factors particularly attitude on safety behaviours amongst Irish farmers.


Current Projects

  • 2020-2022: Improving understanding to Change Safety Behaviours (BeSAFE), RSF of DAFM.


  • B.Sc. in Agricultural Extension and Education (Shiraz University-Iran)- Top ranked graduate
  • M.Sc. in Agricultural Extension and Education - Factors Affecting Pistachio Growers' Adoption of Integrated Pest Management Practices in Kerman Province- (Shiraz University)- Top ranked graduate
  • PhD. In Agricultural Extension -  Developing Sustainable Behaviour Prediction in Human Ecology: Evidence of Iran’s Rice Belt – (Tarbiat Modares University (TMU)- Iran

Professional Membership

  • Scientific association of agricultural extension and education- Iran
  • Brilliant Talent Centre in Shiraz University and Tarbiat
  • Modares University
  • National Elite Foundation - Iran
  • Mohammadrezaei, M., & Hayati, D. (2019). Multi-Dimensional Appraisal of Integrated Pest Management Adoption: Evidence of Pistachio Growers in Kerman Province, Iran. Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology, 21(4), 815-828.
  • Mohammadrezaei, M., Chizari, M., Sadighi, H. Mahmoudi, M. (2019). Transition of Objective to Subjective Well-being in Farmers’ Quality of Life Evaluation: Utilizing New Epistemological Approach among Iranian Rice Farmers. Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology. Accepted for publication.
  • Mohammadrezaei, M., & Hayati, D. (2018). Factors Affecting Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Knowledge of Pistachio Growers in Kerman Province. Iran Agricultural Extension and Education Journal, 14(1), 119-214. (In Persian).
  • Mohammadrezaei, M., & Hayati, D. (2015). The Role of Agricultural Extension Services in Integrated Pest Management Adoption by Iranian Pistachio Growers. International Journal of Agricultural Extension, 3(1), 47-56.
  • Mohammadrezaei,M., Hayati,D. & Rafiee,Z. (2014) . Analysis of Administrative Barriers to Pistachio Integrated Pest Management: A Case Study in Rafsanjan City. Journal of Modern Management & Foresight, 1(1), 46-55.