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Yuting Meng

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Research Interests

Focus on spatial characteristics of soil geochemical using GIS and spatial analysis. Focus on the interaction between environment and human activities and the linkage of environment and public health. Currently, I investigate the influential factors (eg: nitrogen, phosphorus) on water quality in Ireland. Provide valuable soil information for policy and decision makers. Specialized in geostatistics, map producing and data mining. 

Current Projects

WaterMARKE is an ambitious multi-actor research project which is co-funded by EPA and DAFM. The project connects the areas of biophysical science, socio-economics, behavioural psychology and implementation science in a unique and novel framework that goes further than most research projects in that it crosses over between research and knowledge transfer to provide outputs that are valuable to the research communities in these areas, as well as producing a knowledge transfer template which tests and implements the learnings from the project. This project approaches the issue of water quality from the scientific, institutional, behavioural and Knowledge Transfer perspectives.



PhD from NUI, Galway

Meng, Y., Cave, M., Zhang, C., 2020. Identifying geogenic and anthropogenic controls on different spatial distribution patterns of aluminium, calcium and lead in urban topsoil of Greater London Authority area. Chemosphere 238, 124541.

Meng, Y., Cave, M., Zhang, C., 2019. Comparison of methods for addressing the point-to-area data transformation to make data suitable for environmental, health and socio-economic studies. Science of the Total Environment 689, 797-807.

Meng, Y., Ding, S., Gong, M., Chen, M., Wang, Y., Fan, X., Shi, L., Zhang, C., 2018. Submillimeter-scale heterogeneity of labile phosphorus in sediments characterized by diffusive gradients in thin films and spatial analysis. Chemosphere 194, 614-621.

Meng, Y., Cave, M., Zhang, C., 2018. Spatial distribution patterns of phosphorus in top-soils of Greater London Authority area and their natural and anthropogenic factors. Applied Geochemistry 88, 213-220.

Meng, Y., Wang, W., Hu, J., Zhang, J., Lai, Y., 2017. Vegetation and climate changes over the last 30,000 years on the Leizhou Peninsula, southern China, inferred from the pollen record of Huguangyan Maar Lake. Boreas 46, 525-540.