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Carmel O'Connor

Research Technician (Analyst)

Research Interests

I am responsible for the elemental analysis of Soil, Sediment ,Sludge, Plant, Biomass, Slurry and Fertiliser samples for Total Carbon, Nitrogen and Sulphur content using high temperature combustion systems.  I also carry out digests on soils and sediment followed by analysis for Organic Carbon content.  I prepare and analyse in the region of 18000 samples annually and I am responsible for quality control in the area in which I work.

The instruments which I have responsibility for are two LECO CNS928 which are macro analysers used to determine Total Carbon, Nitrogen and Sulphur.  Also a LECO TruSpec which is a micro analyser for Total Carbon and Nitrogen analysis.

I am interested in horticulture and worked in the Teagasc soft fruit research centre where I was responsible for protected crop trials and the recording and analysing of the data I produced.

I am also very interested in instrumentation and new methodology. I have previously worked in soil and crop preparation and soil nutrient analysis. Some of the instrument which I have received training on include the Malvern 2000 for particle size analysis, trace analysis by ICP-OES, isotope analysis by Liquid Scintillation Counter, HPLC and Vario MAX cube.   I am a health and safety supervisor for a number of laboratories and a fire officer for the Johnstown research building.

Current Projects

I support all projects which require total Nitrogen, Carbon and Organic Carbon analysis and multiple projects which require total Sulphur by combustion.


  • 2021 - Fire Safety Management                       
  • 2019 - Radiological Protection                                                 
  • 2017 - Presentation Skills   Level 6                                                           
  • 2017 - Good Laboratory Practice and Core Skills   Level 6
  • 2016 - Human Resource Management     Level 6               
  • 2014 - Crops  Nutrition Management  Certificate  Level 6               
  • 2013 - MSc in Environmental Science   Level 9                                 
  • 2012 - PG Dip in Environmental Science   Level 9               
  • 2010 - BSc in Horticultural Science   Level 7                                         
  • 1995 - Diploma in Commercial Horticulture                                         
  • 1994 - Royal Horticultural Society Certificate in Horticulture         
  • 1993 - Certificate in Commercial Horticulture
  • 1992 - Basic Horticultural Skills Certificate