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Daire O hUallacháin

Research Officer - Agro-ecology

Research Interests

Terrestrial and Freshwater Ecology
Sediment dynamics
Soil Microbiology
Sustainable Agriculture
High Nature Value farming systems

Current Projects

FARM_ECOS - Farming and Natural Resources: Measures for Ecological Sustainability
COSAINT: Cattle Exclusion from Watercourses: Environmental and socio-economic implications
KerryLIFE - Sustainable land use management for the conservation of the Freshwater Pearl Mussel
AranLIFE: The sustainable management of the priority terrestrial habitats of the Aran Islands.
The impact of acute and chronic hydrochemical disturbances on stream ecology; implications for agricultural policy
Enhancing Biodiversity on intensively managed ecosystems
Economic costs of Biodiversity improvement measures on farms in different ecological contexts
Biodiversity Working Group
Cost-effectiveness of selected agri-environment measures for habitat conservation
Targeting payments for ecosystem services to address the favourable conservation status of key freshwater aquatic habitats and species
IDEAL-HNV: Identifying the Distribution and Extent of Agricultural Land of High Nature Value
Sediment Flux and Provenance
Integrating soil characteristics, land management and soil microbial communities


Bachelor of Science (Zoology) NUI, Galway
PhD in Zoology, National University of Ireland, Galway

Sullivan, C.A., Finn, J.A., Ó hUallacháin, D., Green, S., Clifford, B., Matin, S., Meredith, D. & Moran, J. (2017) A farm typology of High Nature Value (HNV) farmland; farm-scale characteristics, support and policy implications. Land Use Policy, 67, 401-414

Fritch, R.A., Sheridan, H., Finn, J.A., McCormack, S., & Ó hUallacháin, D. (2017) Enhancing breeding invertebrate diversity within field margins of intensively managed grassland. Ecology and Evolution, in press 

Valatin, G. et al (2017) Improving the design and environmental effectiveness of woodlands for water: Payments for Ecosystem Services. Research Ideas and Outcomes, 3 https://doi.org/10.3897/rio.3.e13828  

Science for Environment Policy (2017) Agri-environmental schemes: how to enhance the agriculture-environment relationship. Thematic Issue 57, Issue produced for the European Commission DG Environment (Ó hUallacháín, Ed

Sherriff, S.C., Rowan, J.S., Fenton, O., Jordan, P. & Ó hUallacháin, D. (2017) Influence of land management on soil erosion, connectivity and sediment delivery in agricultural catchments. Land Degradation and Development 

Richter, A., Creamer, R.E., Doyle, E., Clipson, N., & Ó hUallacháin, D. (2017) Drivers of soil microbial biomass and respiration in agricultural grassland soils, a large scale study in Ireland. European Journal of Soil Science, accepted 

Ó hUallacháin, D., Finn, J.A., Keogh, B., Fritch, R., & Sheridan, H. (2016) Assessment of selected agri-environment measures for the conservation of grassland habitats in Irish farmland. Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research, 55, 176-191 

Matin, S., Sullivan, C.A., Ó hUallacháin, D., Meredith, D., Moran, J., Finn, J.A., & Green, S. (2016) Map of high nature value farmland in the Republic of Ireland. Journal of Maps, 12, 373-376 

Thomas, I., Jordan, J. Mellander P.E., Fenton, O., Shine, O., Ó hUallacháin, D., Creamer, R., McDonald, N., Dunlop, P. & Murphy, P.N.C. (2016) Identifying hydrologically sensitive areas using LiDAR DEMs to mitigate critical source areas of diffuse pollution: development and application. Science of the Total Environment, 556, 276-290 

Sherriff, S., Rowan, J.S., Fenton, O., Jordan, P., Melland, A., Mellander, P.-E., & Ó hUallacháin, D. (2016) Storm event suspended sediment-discharge hysteresis and controls in agricultural watersheds: implications for watershed scale sediment management. Environmental Science and Technology, 50, 1769-1778. 


  • Genevieve Smith – AgResearch (R McDowell)
  • Sara Ruas- IT Sligo (J Moran)
  • Robyn Earl – SRUC (A Evans)
  • Paula Cullen – NUIG (S Hynes)
  • Karen O'Neill - Dundee (J Rowan)
  • Louise Duignan - IT Sligo (J Moran)
  • Patricia Antunes - Dundalk IT (E Jennings)
  • Stephen Davis - UCD (M Kelly-Quinn)
  • Julie Larkin - UCD (H Sheridan)
  • Donncha Madden - UCC (S Harrison)


  • Sophie Sherriff - U Dundee (J Rowan) – PhD -2016
  • Andrea Richter - UCD (E Doyle) – PhD - 2016
  • Rochelle Fritch – UCD (H Sheridan) – PhD - 2011
  • Noel Dineen - IT Tralee (G Twamley Stein)- MSc-2016
  • Blathnaid Keogh – UCD (H Sheridan) – MSc -2015