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Daire O hUallacháin

Research Officer

Research Interests

Daire is a Senior Research Officer with particular interest in: 

  • Terrestrial and Freshwater Ecology
  • Sediment dynamics
  • Soil Microbiology
  • Sustainable Agriculture 
  • High Nature Value farming systems


Current Projects

  • FARM_ECOS: Farming and Natural Resources: Measures for Ecological Sustainability
  • SMARTER_BufferZ – Strategic Management and Robust Targeting of Riparian Buffer Zones
  • FARM_Carbon: Hedgerows and other non-forest woodland carbon
  • HNV_FarmForBio: High Nature Value Farmland and Forestry Systems for Biodiversity
  • KerryLIFE - Sustainable land use management for the conservation of the Freshwater Pearl Mussel
  • European Innovative Partnerships
    • BRIDE
    • Caomhnú Árann
    • Curlew EIP
  • Enhancing Biodiversity on intensively managed ecosystems
  • Economic costs of Biodiversity improvement measures on farms in different ecological contexts
  • Biodiversity Working Group
  • Cost-effectiveness of selected agri-environment measures for habitat conservation
  • Targeting payments for ecosystem services to address the favourable conservation status of key freshwater aquatic habitats and species
  • Sediment Flux and Provenance


Bachelor of Science (Zoology) NUI, Galway
PhD in Zoology, National University of Ireland, Galway

Dr. Ó hUallacháin has published many peer reviewed scientific papers:

Rotches-Ribalta, R., Ruas, S., D.Ahmed, K.S., Gormally, M., Ryan, M., Stout, J., White, B., Lee, A. Moran, J, and Ó hUallacháín, D., (2021) Assessment of semi-natural habitats and landscape features on Irish farmland – New insights to inform EU Common Agricultural Policy implementation. Ambio: 50: 346-359

Stutter, M., Baggaley, N., Ó hUallacháin, D., Wang, C. (2021) The utility of spatial data to delineate river riparian functions and management zones: a review. Science of the Total Environment, 757

Moran, J. Byrne, D., Carlier, J., Dunford, B., Finn, J., Ó hUallacháin, D., Sullivan, C. (20210 Management of High Natire Value farmland in the Republic of Ireland – 25 years evolving towards locally-adapted results-orientated solutions and payments. Ecology and Society. In press.

Smith, G.J., McDowell, R.W., Daly, K., Ó hUallacháin, D., Condron, L.M., Fenton, O. (2021) Estimating and modelling the risk of redox-sensitive phosphorus loss from saturated soils using common soil tests. Geoderma, in press

Smith, G.J., McDowell, R.W., Daly, K., Ó hUallacháin, D., Condron, L.M., Fenton, O. (2021) Reductive Dissolution of Phosphorus Associated with Iron-oxides During Saturation in Agricultural Soil Profiles. Jounrnal of Enviroonmental Quality, in press

Ruas, S. Rotchés-Ribalta, R., Ó hUallacháin, D., D’Ahmed, K., Gormally, M., Stout, J., White, B., Moran, J. (2021) Selecting appropriate plant indicator species for Results-Based Agri-environment payments schemes. Ecological Indicators, in press

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Ahmed, K.D., Volpato, A., Day, M.F., Mulkeen, C.J., O’Hanlon, A., Carey, J., Williams, C., Ruas, S., Moran, J., Rotches-Ribalta, R., Ó hUallachain, D., Stout, J., Hodge, S., White, B., Gormally, M.J, (2020) Linear habitats across a range of farming intensities contribute differently to dipteran abundance and diversity. Insect conservation and diversity.

Matin, S., Sullivan, C.A., Finn, J.A., O hUallacháin, D., Green, S., Meredith, D. Moran, J. (2020) Assessing the distribution and extent of High Nature Value farmland in the Republic of Ireland. Ecological Indicators 108,

Kilgarriff, P., Ryan, M., O’Donoghue, C., Green, S., and Ó hUallacháin, D. (2020) Livestock Exclusion from Watercourses: Policy Effectiveness and Implications. Environmental Science and Policy. 106; 58-67

Volpato, A., D’Ahmed, K.S., Williams, C.D., Day, M.F., O’Hanlon, A., Ruas, S., Rotches-Ribalta, R., Mulkeen, C., Ó hUallacháin, D., & Gormally, M.J. (2020) Using Malaise traps to assess aculeate Hymenoptera associated with farmland linear habitats across a range of farming intensities. Insect Conservation and Diversity. 13: 229-238.

Mohamed, A. Siggins, M.G. Healy, D. Ó hUallacháin, O. Fenton, P. Tuohy (2020) Improving water quality and sludge properties of dairy soiled water: an integrated assessment of chemical amendments. Journal of Environmental Quality in press

Cullen, P., Ryan, M., O’Donoghue, C., Hynes, S., Ó hUallacháin, D., & Sheridan, H. (2020) Impact of farmer identity and attitudes on participation in agri-environment schemes. Land Use Policy in press


  • Genevieve Smith – AgResearch (R McDowell)
  • Patricia Antunes - Dundalk IT (E Jennings)
  • Sara Ruas- IT Sligo (J Moran)
  • Karzan D’Ahmed – NUIG (M Gormally)
  • Ahmed Yousif – NUIG (M Healy)
  • Robyn Earl – SRUC (A Evans)
  • Louise Duignan - IT Sligo (J Moran)
  • Donncha Madden - UCC (S Harrison)


  • Karen O'Neill - Dundee (J Rowan) –Mphil-2019
  • Stephen Davis - UCD (M Kelly-Quinn)- PhD-2019
  • Julie Larkin - UCD (H Sheridan) – PhD-2019
  • Sophie Sherriff - U Dundee (J Rowan) – PhD -2016
  • Andrea Richter - UCD (E Doyle) – PhD - 2016
  • Rochelle Fritch – UCD (H Sheridan) – PhD - 2011
  • Noel Dineen - IT Tralee (G Twamley Stein)- MSc-2016
  • Blathnaid Keogh – UCD (H Sheridan) – MSc -2015