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Lilian O'Sullivan

Research Officer

Research Interests

My main research focus revolves around understanding how soils are part of a larger system. This includes integrating compartmentalised research to analyse the synergies and trade-offs associated with land use and management. Exploring land use and land use change with respect to climate and environment objectives is an important aspect of my work to support the sustainability of Irish agriculture.  My methodological toolkit includes spatial analysis in relation to soils and land. Stakeholder engagement is a key feature of my approach.

  • Sustainable soils and land use
  • Integrated assessments of soil functions at multiple scales
  • Land use and sustainability

Research Team

PHD Students:

  • Parvaneh Nowbakht
  • Elsa Dingkuhn
  • Sudipto Bhowmik
  • Talia Huffe

Current Projects

  • U-Protein -Unlocking Protein Resource Opportunities To Evolve Ireland’s Nutrition (DAFM funded).
  • Farm-Carbon – Understanding carbon dynamics of hedgerows. Funded by EPA and co-funded by DAFM.
  • EJP Soil – European Joint Programme on Soils. EJP SOIL is a European Joint Programme vco-fund on Agricultural Soil Management contributing to key societal challenges including climate change, water and future food security. Teagasc are leading WP8 – Strengthening the science to policy interaction.
  • SIREN –  Stocktaking for Agricultural Soil Quality and Ecosystem Services Indicators and their Reference Values. This is an EU project to develop an inventory of indicator systems for assessing soil quality and ecosystem services, as currently used by Member States in the EJP SOIL and beyond. SIREN is EJP Soil co-fund.
  • iSOMPE – EU project on innovative soil management practices and agricultural system and their ability to deliver multiple goals will be developed using a surveying approach. iSOMPE is EJP Soil co-fund. 
  • Soil Fertility DST Ethiopia – Ethiopia Fertiliser Decision Support Tools for Agricultural Soil Fertility Management in Ethiopia. Funded by GIZ German Development Agency.
  • NEGENES - Next Gen Nutrient Efficiency for Sustainability – soil fertility underpinning nutrient use efficiency for sustainability in Ireland. This project aims to develop spatially explicit nutrient advice that considers soil specific advice and nutrient loss risks to underpin nutrient use efficiency.
  • SoilCARE- The overall aim of SoilCare is to identify and evaluate promising soil-improving cropping systems and agronomic techniques that increase the profitability and sustainability of agriculture across Europe. Funded under the EU Horizon 2020 programme.
  • Landmark – Land Management Assessment Research project aim is to quantify the current and potential supply of soil functions across the EU, as determined by soil properties, environment and management practices. Funded under the EU Horizon 2020 programme.
  • SQUARESoil Quality Assessment Research Project. To understand the functional capacity of soils in Ireland. Funded by DAFM.


Lilian has published many peer reviewed scientific papers.  For a full listing of Lilian's peer reviewed papers please refer to her Orcid and Publons accounts:

Lilian's ORCID account

Lilian's Publons account

Nowbakht, P., O’Sullivan, L., Cawkwell, F., Wall, D.P., Holloway, P., (2022), A comparison of obfuscation methods used for privacy protection: Exploring the challenges of polygon data in agricultural research, Tranactions in GIS 00:1–31.  https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/tgis.12892

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