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Norah O’Shea

Research Officer

Research Interests

  • Application and validation of process analytical technologies (PAT) (viscosity, flow, pressure, inline composition) in dairy manufacturing processes
  • Rheological properties of dairy concentrate behaviour and gels derived from dairy ingredients
  • Heat induced protein structural changes
  • Low cost sensors
  • 3D dairy printing
  • Robotics in food applications
  • Protein / starch relationships in dairy and cereal structures

Current Projects

  • Process Analytics – DPTC 
  • Acoustic Wave Process Sensors
  • 3DDairy – 3D food printing
  • Robotics


  • (Food Business, University College Cork)
  • (Food Sci. and Tech., University College Cork)
  • PhD (Food Sci. and Tech., University College Cork)

Panikuttira, B., O'Shea, N., Tobin, J. T., Tiwari, B. K., & O'Donnell, C. P. (2018) Process analytical technology for cheese manufacture. International Journal of Food Science & Technology. 53, 1803-1815

O’Shea, N., Kilcawley, K.N. and Gallagher, E. (2017) Aromatic Composition and Physicochemical Characteristics of Crackers Containing Barley Fractions. Cereal Chemistry 94:3, 611-618.

O’Shea, N., Ktenioudaki, A., Smyth, T.P., McLoughlin, P., Doran, L., Auty, M.A.E., Arendt, E.K., Gallagher, E. (2015) Physicochemical assessment of two fruit by-products as functional ingredients: Apple and orange pomace. Journal of Food Engineering, 153, 89-95

O’Shea, N., Roessle, C., Arendt, E.K., Gallagher, E. (2015) Modelling the effects of orange pomace using response surface design for gluten-free bread baking. Food Chemistry, 166, 223-230

O’Shea, N., Arendt, E.K., Gallagher, E. (2014) State of the art in gluten-free research. Journal of Food Science, 79, 6, R1069

O’Shea, N., Arendt, E.K., Gallagher, E. (2014) Enhancing an extruded puffed snack, by optimising die head temperature, screw speed and apple pomace inclusion. Food Bioprocess Technology, 7, 1767-1782

O’Shea, N., Doran, L., Auty, M.A.E., Arendt, E.K., Gallagher, E. (2013) The rheology, microstructure and sensory characteristics of a gluten-free bread formulation enhanced with orange pomace. Food & Function 4, 1856-1863


  • Archana Bista
  • Bhavya Panikuttira