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Áine Regan

Research Officer

Research Interests

Áine is a Research Officer in the Rural Economy and Development Programme (REDP), working in the area of Behavioural Research. Áine works in multi-disciplinary research projects, applying a psychological approach to exploring behavioural issues in the agri-food sector. Her research aims to support behaviour change interventions in applied settings which are rigorous and evidence-based, and which have the end-user at the centre of the process. Áine is particularly interested in behavioural issues related to digitisation of the food and agriculture sectors.

Current Projects

2015-2018: CommBeBiz – Bridging Bioeconomy Research to Business (EU H2020 Project)

2018-2020: Digital Behaviour – Behavioural science to support digital technologies in agriculture (Internal GIA Project)


2010-2014: PhD, School of Public Health, Physiotherapy & Population Science, University College Dublin

2009-2010: MSc Health Psychology, NUI Galway

2006-2009: BA (Hons.) Psychology, NUI Galway

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