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Dilip Rai

Research Officer

Research Interests

  • Nutraceuticals: extraction, characterisation and quantification of health-beneficial molecules from food.
  • Waste valorisation: recovery of high value ingredients from food processing by-products or underutilised resources for food preservation, functional food & nutraceutical applications.
  • Analytical Chemistry: Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry.

Bioactivities: In vitro antioxidant, antiinflammatory, anti-diabetic and anticholinesterase (memory) of extracts from food.

Current Projects

Algae4IBD: Algae produce compounds that can relieve pain and inflammation. (H2020, Grant N° 101000501) www.algae4ibd.eu

BSG-BioBev: Innovative plant-based functional beverages from brewers' spent  grain (Teagasc & H2020 Marie Curie funded)

Flavoromics: Cutting edge flavour chemistry technology and advanced analytical tools to identify dietary biomarkers in grass-fed milk and dairy products (DAFM funded, 2021R616)

RubusElite: Development of a novel high protein, polyphenol enriched dairy beverage for athletes and physically active (DAFM funded, 17/F/277)

U-PROTEIN: Unlocking Protein Resource Opportunities To Evolve Ireland’s Nutrition (DAFM funded, 2019/PROG/702) http://u-protein.ie/

BiOrbic: A world-leading SFI research centre devoted to the bioeconomy through excellence in research, new discovery and innovation  for the development of a sustainable, circular bioeconomy. (SFI funded, 16/RC/3889) https://biorbic.com )

SMI-BIO: Seaweed Microbe Interactions to enhance bioactive (DAFM funded, 15/F/698)


PhD: Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden.
BSc: DIT Kevin Street, degree awarded by Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Professional Membership

Member of the Irish Mass Spectrometry Society

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  4. Tsikrika, K., & Rai, D.K. (2019). “The effect of high pressure processing on polyphenol oxidase activity, nutrients, and phenolics in Irish potato cultivars” at 33rd EFFoST International Conference, 12-14 November 2019, Rotterdam, THE NETHERLANDS.(Oral presentation)
  5. Muldoon, A., Tsikrika, K., O’Brien, N., & Rai, D.K. (2019). “Spectrometry Studies on the Effect of High Pressure Processing on Polyphenol oxidase Inactivation, Glycaemic Index and Phenolics of Irish Potato Cultivars” at European Conference on Spectroscopy of Biological Molecules, 19-22 August 2019, Dublin, Ireland. (Oral presentation)

Current Student(s): 1. Gontorn Putsakaram (University College Dublin), 2. Rares Birsan (University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK).

Past Students: Aikaterini Tzima  (UCD), Dara Kirke (NUI Galway), Bibha Kumari (UCD), Nirupama Gangopadhyay (UCD), Antonik Pawel (NUI Galway)