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Elodie Ruelle

Research Officer- Biologic System Modelling

Research Interests

  • Simulating biological system using mechanistic models.
  • Predicting grass growth in real time on commercial farms.
  • Better understanding of the interaction between soil, grass management, the animals and grass growth.
  • Improving N use efficiency and reducing N leaching
  • Precision fertiliser application
  • Predicting animal intake at grazing
  • Climate adaptation

Current Projects

  • 2022PSS111: A systematic review and synthesis of climate adaptation research relevant for Irish agriculture and a research gap analysis and prioritisation
  • Climate adaptation internal project
    • Predict the impact of climate change on grass growth in Ireland and consequences and possible adaptation on Irish dairy farms
    • Predict the impact of climate change on crop growth in Ireland
    • Determining the best sward mixture adapted to future climate
    • Incorporating a clover sub-model into the MoSt GG model.
  • Live grass growth prediction using the MoSt GG model.
  • Predicting N leaching and N use efficiency of different system and management.
  • Model development (PBHDM and MoSt GG models)


PhD in Agriculture and food science University College Dublin Master and agronomic engineer degree in modelling of biologic system from the University of Rennes 1 and Agrocampus-Ouest