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Mary Ryan

Researcher - Environmental Economics / Rural Development Programme Coordinator

Research Interests

  • Extension, adoption and cost effectiveness of farm-level environmental mitigation measures
  • Rural viability, Knowledge Transfer & Supports for Food, Tourism and Recreation development
  • Farm forest economics and ecosystem services

Current Projects

  • Coordinator of the multi-disciplinary EPA/DAFM funded WaterMARKE (Mitigating Agricultural impacts through Research and Knowledge Exchange) project
  • Teagasc National Lead in the H2020 funded LIFT (Low Input Farm and Territorial) project and the DAFM funded FarmECOs project
  • Teagasc (and forestry) lead in the EPA funded SeQUEsTER (Scenarios Quantifying land Use & Emissions Transitions towards Equilibrium with Removals) project and the CoFoRD ForRec (Forest Recreation) project
  • Teagasc lead in DAFM (CoFoRD) funded ForRec (Forest Recreation) project
  • Partner in the InterReg funded Risk AquaSoil project
  • Partner in the SEAI funded Bio-Circle project, focusing on the forest bio and circular economy. 

Completed external projects:

  • FLINT – Farm Level Information for New policy Topics (FP7)
  • FOROWN – Forest Owners (DAFM – CoFoRD))
  • Cosaint – Cattle Exclusion from Watercourses (EPA)
  • Harmony – High Status Waterbodies – Managing and Optimising Nutrients (DAFM - Stimulus)
  • ECOVALUE – Valuing Forest Ecosystems (CoFoRD)
  • FIRMEC – Forestry in Ireland – Modelling its Economics (CoFoRD)


  • PhD (Env Economics) NUI Galway
  • M.Agr. Sc (Env) UCD
  • B. Agr.Sc (Forestry) UCD
  • H Dip (Financial Mgt) WIT
  • Grad Dip (Public Mgt) NUI

Professional Membership

  • European Association of Agricultural Economists
  • Agricultural Economics Association
  • Society of Irish Foresters

View Google Scholar Profile 

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