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Mary Ryan

Specialist - Environmental Economics/Rural Development

Research Interests

Environmental and natural resource economics:

  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Adoption of farm level measures 

Rural Development

  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Rural Development supports


Rural Development Programme Coordinator

Current Projects

  • Harmony – High Status Waterbodies: – Managing and Optimising Nutrients (DAFM)
  • COSAINT – Cattle exclusion from watercourses (EPA)
  • Farm ECOS – Farm Biodiversity Enhancement measures (DAFM)
  • Risk AquaSoil– climate change and adaptation (Interreg)
  • FOROWN – Forest owner ECOVALUE – Valuing Forest Ecosystems (DAFM)
  • Sustainability of Irish Farms (Teagasc)
  • CEDRA Plus: A Collaborative Approach to the Delivery of Enterprise Supports and Skills in Rural Areas (Teagasc)
  • FLINT – Farm Level Information for New policy Topics (FP7)


  • PhD (Env Economics) NUI Galway
  • M.Agr. Sc Env) UCD
  • B. Agr.Sc (Forestry) UCD
  • H Dip (Financial Mgt) WIT
  • Grad Dip (Public Mgt) NUI

Professional Membership

  • European Association of Agricultural Economists
  • Agricultural Economics Association
  • Society of Irish Foresters

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2 PhD students completed
4 PhD students (current)