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Catherine Stanton

Research Officer

Research Interests

  • Nutritional aspects of dairy foods, functional foods,
  • Probiotic cultures: health benefits, bioactive metabolite production and host health
  • Infant gut microbiota: Influence of Dietary and Environmental Factors
  • Probiotics: technological aspects, development of functional foods,
  • Bioactive lipids: Microbial production of bioactive FA, CLAs, SCFA, n-3 FA, lipids and health benefits
  • Bioactive peptides


B.Sc (Hons, 2.1) Nutrition/Food Chemistry, (1983) University College Cork (Awarding Body: NUI)

M.Sc Nutrition (1986) University College Cork (NUI) (Awarding Body: NUI)

Ph.D Biochemistry (1988) Bournemouth University, UK (Awarding Body: Council for National Academic Awards, CNAA, UK)

D.Sc. (2008) National University of Ireland (Awarding Body: NUI)

Stanton, C., Ross, R. P., Fitzgerald, G. F and Van Sinderen, D. (2005). Fermented functional foods based on probiotics and their biogenic metabolites. Current Opinion in Biotechnology, 16: 198-203.

Coakley, M., Johnson, M. C., McGrath, E., Rahman, S., Ross, R. P., Fitzgerald, G. F., Devery, R. and Stanton C. (2006). Intestinal bifidobacteria that produce trans-9, trans-11 conjugated linoleic acid: a fatty acid with antiproliferative activity against human colon SW480 and HT-29 cancer cells. Nutrition and Cancer, 56: 95-102.

Hayes, M., Barrett , E., Ross R. P., Fitzgerald G. F., Hill C. and Stanton C. (2009). Evaluation of an antimicrobial ingredient prepared from a Lactobacillus acidophilus casein fermentate against Enterobacter sakazakii Journal of Food Protection Volume: 72 Issue: 2 Pages: 340-346.

Wall, R., Ross, R.P Ryan, C.A Hussey, S Murphy, B Fitzgerald G.F and Stanton C (2009). Role of Gut Microbiota in Early Infant Development. Clinical Medicine: Pediatrics 2009:3 45-54.

Wall, R, Ross, R.P, Shanahan, F, O’Mahony, L, O’Mahony, C, Coakley, M, Hart, O, Lawlor, P, Quigley, E.M, Kiely, B, Fitzgerald, G.F and Stanton, C. (2009). The metabolic activity of the enteric microbiota influences the fatty acid composition of murine and procine liver and adipose tissues. Am. J. Clin. Nutr. 89: 1393-1401.