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Diarmuid Sheehan

Research Officer

Research Interests

  • Cheese yield and texture: Investigation into potential for phospholipids and buttermilk powders to increase cheese yield and enhance reduced fat cheese texture.
  • Cheese quality: Investigation into underlying causes of split and secondary fermentation defects in Swiss-type cheeses.
  • Cheese quality: Investigation into variability of biochemical, microbial and key quality attributes of Swiss-type/ continental –type cheeses manufactured from a seasonal Irish milk supply.
  • Cheese quality: Investigation into role of lactobacilli, redox potential, dissolved oxygen and peptide profile on development of pinking defect in Irish commercial cheese.
  • Low fat cheese: Low fat healthy cheese alternatives: development of associated technologies.
  • Cheese flavour: Mediterranean-type cheese opportunities: the potential for substitution of caprine milk cheeses by Irish bovine milk cheeses through manipulation of fatty acid profiles.
  • Cheese diversification: Manipulation of technological and biochemical parameters to produce cheeses with diverse flavour and textural characteristics to underpin diversification of the Irish cheese industry.


B.Sc. Food Science and Technology

M.Sc. Food Science and Technology (Food Technology)

Ph.D. Food Science and Technology (Food Chemistry)

Daly, D.F.M., McSweeney, P.L.H. and Sheehan, J.J. (In press). Split defect and secondary fermentation in Swiss-type cheeses – A review. Dairy Science and Technology

Sheehan, J.J., Patel, A.D., Drake, M.A. and P.L.H. McSweeney. (2009). Effect of partial or total substitution of bovine for caprine milk on the compositional, volatile, non-volatile and sensory characteristics of semi-hard cheeses. International Dairy Journal,19, 498-509.

Kelly, A.L., Huppertz, T. and Sheehan, J.J. (2008). Pre-treatment of cheese milk: principles and developments. Dairy Science and Technology, 88, 549 -572.

Sheehan, J.J., Wilkinson, M.G. and P.L.H. Mc Sweeney (2008). Influence of processing and ripening parameters on starter, non-starter and propionic acid bacteria and on the ripening characteristics of semi-hard cheeses. International Dairy Journal, 18, 905-917.

Sheehan, J.J., Fenelon, M.A., Wilkinson and P.L.H. Mc Sweeney. (2007). Effect of cook temperature on starter and non-starter lactic acid bacteria viability, cheese composition and ripening indices of a semi-hard cheese manufactured using thermophilic cultures. International Dairy Journal, 17, 704-716.