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John Spink

Head of Department - Crops

Research Interests

Combinable crop production, primarily of cereals and oilseeds, a particular interest in yield formation and optimisation of output through improved husbandry, disease control and crop improvement

Current Projects

  • 5998 - Understanding yield formation in the major tillage crops to determine future crop agronomy research and genetic improvement targets.
  • 5999 -  Agronomic approaches to reducing disease pressure and targeting disease control strategies in cereals.
  • 6055 - Evaluation of new products for disease control in cereals
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  • BINGHAM, I.J., BLAKE, J., FOULKES, M.J. AND SPINK, J. (2007). Is barley yield in the UK sink limited? II. Factors affecting potential grain size. Field Crops Research 101, 212–220.
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  • Petra Kock Appelgren, Nottingham University
  • Shane Kennedy, Edinburgh University
  • Hilda Dooley, Reading University