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Pablo Silva Boloña

Research Officer – Dairy Cow Mastitis

Additional Details

Research Interests

I am interested in reducing mastitis and SCC levels in Irish dairy herds and improving udder health. Particularly, my research focuses on exploring the impact of selective dry cow therapy (the treatment of uninfected cows with teat sealant instead of antibiotic at dry-off) on SCC. Other research interests include: understand management practices that contribute to reduce mastitis and SCC in Irish dairy herds, explore mastitis treatment options and determine the most common sources of infection in dairy cows.

Key words: Mastitis, selective dry cow therapy, SCC, treatment

Current Projects 

  • Exploring the impact of selective dry cow therapy in Irish dairy herds
  • Impact of milking management and technologies on SCC
  • Prevention and control of mastitis
  • Improving efficiency in Automatic Milking Systems (AMS)
  • Antimicrobial use on farm: A multi-actor, user centred approach to measuring and changing behaviour


Veterinarian, Universidad de Chile
PhD in Dairy Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison.