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Fiona Thorne

Research Officer

Current Projects

• Competitiveness of Irish Agriculture;
• Farm level economics and policy analysis of crop production in Ireland;
• A Review of the Financial Status of Farms and Future Investment  Requirements;
• Productivity analysis of Irish dairy production;
• Risk analysis in Irish agriculture;


B.Agr.Sc and PhD (agricultural economics) both from UCD

Professional Membership


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Kazukauskas, A., Newman, C. and Thorne, F., (2011) Analysing the effect of decoupling on agricultural production: Evidence from Irish dairy farms using the Olley and Pakes approach, German Journal of Agricultural Economics, 59, (3), 2010, p144 – 157

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Patrick Gillespie: Dairy Economics, Expansion and Sustainable Grassland

Maria Martinez Cillero: Farm level policy analysis: Econometric and Optimisation techniques