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Pat Tuohy

Research Officer - Soil Drainage

Research Interests

  • Design, installation and characterisation of land drainage systems
  • Performance of land drainage system materials
  • Soil physical and hydrological properties and their characterisation  
  • Effects of traffic on agricultural soils
  • Optimisation of the management of poorly drained soils
  • Improving profitability on farms dominated by poorly drained soils

Current Projects

  • Heavy Soils Research Programme
  • Assessment of materials used in land drainage systems
  • Agricultural land drainage – Theory and design training course


  • PhD University College Dublin
  • B. Eng (Civil & Environmental) University College Cork


2014-Present – Research Officer (Teagasc Moorepark) 
2011-2014 – PhD Candidate (Teagasc Moorepark/UCD) 
2009-2010 – Geotechnical Engineer (Byrne Looby Partners

  • Daly, K., Tuohy, P., Peyton, D., Wall, D. P., & Fenton, O. (2017). Field soil and ditch sediment phosphorus dynamics from two artificially drained fields on poorly drained soils. Agricultural Water Management, 192, 115-125.
  • Tuohy, P., J. Humphreys, N. M. Holden and O. Fenton (2016). Runoff and subsurface drain response from mole and gravel mole drainage across episodic rainfall events. Agricultural Water Management 169: 129-139.
  • Tuohy, P., Humphreys, J., Holden, N. M., O’ Loughlin, J., Reidy, B. & Fenton, O. (2016) Visual drainage assessment: A visual soil assessment method of land drainage design. Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food research 55(1): 1-12
  • Tuohy, P., O’ Loughlin, J. & Fenton, O. (2016) Modeling performance of a tile drainage system incorporating mole drainage. In: Proceedings of the 10th International Drainage Symposium. Minneapolis, MN: ASABE
  • Tuohy, P., Humphreys, J., Holden, N. M. & Fenton, O. (2015) Mole drain performance in a clay loam soil in Ireland. Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section B — Soil & Plant Science 65(sup1): 2-13.
  • Ibrahim, T.G., Goutelle, A., Healy, M.G., Brennan, R., Tuohy, P., Humphreys, J., Lanigan, G., Brechignac, J. and Fenton, O. (2015). Mixed agricultural pollutant mitigation using woodchip/pea gravel and woodchip/zeolite permeable reactive interceptors. Water Air Soil Pollution 226(3): 1-11.
  • Tuohy, P., Fenton, O., Holden, N. & Humphreys, J. (2014). The effects of treading by two breeds of dairy cow with different live weights on soil physical properties, poaching damage and herbage production on a poorly drained clay loam soil. The Journal of Agricultural Science 153(08): 1424-1436.
  • Tuohy P., Humphreys J., Holden N. M. & Fenton, O. (2014). The effect of mole drainage on the hydrology of a clay loam soil. In: Proceedings 12th ICID International Drainage Workshop: Drainage on waterlogged agricultural areas. St. Petersburg, Russia: ICID.

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