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Pat Tuohy

Senior Research Officer

Research Interests

  • Soil physical/hydrological properties and their characterisation
  • Peatland Hydrology
  • Design, installation and characterisation of land drainage systems
  • The sustainable management of poorly drained soils
  • The management and treatment of  slurry and dairy soiled water

Current Projects

  • DAFM RSF 2021R454: ReWet; Facilitating water table management on carbon rich soils
  • VistaMilk9-PL8: Optimizing remote sensing technologies to aid soil characterization and catalogue existing drainage features
  • DAFM: WASP: Estimating Soiled Water and Slurry Production on Dairy Farms
  • RMIS 1381: Heavy Soils Research Programme – Phase II
  • RMIS 2053: Refinement of the drainage status of grassland peat soils
  • RMIS 1394: Quantifying the impact of hydrology on C and N cycling in organic and organo-mineral soils
  • RMIS 0034: Agricultural land drainage – Theory and design training course
  • RMIS 0846: Optimizing grazing infrastructure on dairy and beef farms
  • RMIS 0386: Optimizing dairy farmyard infrastructure for the management and treatment of soiled water


  • PhD University College Dublin
  • B. Eng (Civil & Environmental) University College Cork
  • David Corbett
  • Ian Byrne
  • Ahmed Yousif
  • Rumia Basu