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Pat Tuohy

Research Officer

Research Interests

  • Soil physical and hydrological properties and their characterisation
  • Design, installation and characterisation of land drainage systems
  • Performance of land drainage system materials
  • The management and treatment of dairy soiled water
  • The sustainable management of poorly drained soils
  • Improving profitability on farms dominated by poorly drained soils

Current Projects

  • RMIS 6683: Heavy Soils Research Programme
  • RMIS 0047: Assessment of Drainage system Materials
  • RMIS 0034: Agricultural land drainage – Theory and design training course
  • RMIS 0386: Optimizing dairy farmyard infrastructure for the management and treatment of soiled water
  • VistaMilk9-PL8: Optimising remote sensing technologies to aid soil characterisation and catalogue existing drainage features
  • EPA: 2018-W-MS-38: Roadway Runoff and Nutrient-loss Reduction
  • RMIS 0846: Optimizing grazing infrastructure on dairy and beef farms


  • PhD University College Dublin
  • B. Eng (Civil & Environmental) University College Cork


2014-Present – Research Officer (Teagasc Moorepark) 
2011-2014 – PhD Candidate (Teagasc Moorepark/UCD) 

  • Clagnan, E., S. A. Rolfe, S. F. Thornton, D. Krol, K. G. Richards, G. Lanigan, P. Tuohy and O. Fenton (2020). Nitrogen transformation processes and gaseous emissions from a humic gley soil at two water filled pore spaces. Soil and Tillage Research 198: 104543.
  • Hanrahan, L., Tuohy, P., McHugh, N., O'Loughlin, J., Moran, B., Dillon, P., Breen, J., Wallace, M. and Shalloo, L. (2019). A description and evaluation of the physical and financial characteristics of dairy farms operating on soil types classified as poorly drained and associated with high rainfall. Grass and Forage Science, 74, 548-558.
  • Valbuena-Parralejo, N., Tuohy, P., Fenton, O., Burchill, W., Williams, M., Lanigan, G. and Humphreys, J. (2019). Greenhouse gas emissions from temperate permanent grassland on clay-loam soil following the installation of artificial drainage. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 269, 39-50.
  • Tuohy, P., O’ Loughlin, J., Peyton, D. and Fenton, O. (2018). The performance and behavior of land drainage systems and their impact on field scale hydrology in an increasingly volatile climate. Agricultural Water Management, 210, 96-107.
  • Clagnan, E., Thornton, S. F., Rolfe, S. A., Tuohy, P., Peyton, D., Wells, N. S. and Fenton, O. (2018). Influence of artificial drainage system design on the nitrogen attenuation potential of gley soils: Evidence from hydrochemical and isotope studies under field-scale conditions. Journal of Environmental Management, 206, 1028-1038.
  • Tuohy, P., O’Loughlin, J. and Fenton, O. (2018). Modeling Performance of a Tile Drainage System Incorporating Mole Drainage. Transactions of the ASABE, 61(1), 169-178.
  • Daly, K., Tuohy, P., Peyton, D., Wall, D. P., & Fenton, O. (2017). Field soil and ditch sediment phosphorus dynamics from two artificially drained fields on poorly drained soils. Agricultural Water Management, 192, 115-125.
  • Tuohy, P., J. Humphreys, N. M. Holden and O. Fenton (2016). Runoff and subsurface drain response from mole and gravel mole drainage across episodic rainfall events. Agricultural Water Management 169: 129-139.
  • Tuohy, P., Humphreys, J., Holden, N. M., O’ Loughlin, J., Reidy, B. & Fenton, O. (2016) Visual drainage assessment: A visual soil assessment method of land drainage design. Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food research 55(1): 1-12
  • Tuohy, P., O’ Loughlin, J. & Fenton, O. (2016) Modeling performance of a tile drainage system incorporating mole drainage. In: Proceedings of the 10th International Drainage Symposium. Minneapolis, MN: ASABE
  • Tuohy, P., Humphreys, J., Holden, N. M. & Fenton, O. (2015) Mole drain performance in a clay loam soil in Ireland. Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section B — Soil & Plant Science 65(sup1): 2-13.
  • Ibrahim, T.G., Goutelle, A., Healy, M.G., Brennan, R., Tuohy, P., Humphreys, J., Lanigan, G., Brechignac, J. and Fenton, O. (2015). Mixed agricultural pollutant mitigation using woodchip/pea gravel and woodchip/zeolite permeable reactive interceptors. Water Air Soil Pollution 226(3): 1-11.
  • David Corbett
  • Ian Byrne
  • Ahmed Yousif
  • Rumia Basu