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Sara Vero

Research Officer

Research Interests

  • Surface and groundwater chemistry
  • Hydrology
  • Soil physics


  • PhD Civil Engineering (Hydrology), National University of Ireland, Galway, 2016
  • MSc Soil science, University College Dublin, 2013
  • B.Ag. Sc (Hons) Animal & Crop Production, University College Dublin, 2011

Professional Membership

  • Soil Science Society of America


  • Vero, S.E., Basu, N.B., Van Meter, K., Richards, K.G., Mellander, P-E., Healy, M.G. and Fenton, O. Review: The environmental status and implications of the nitrate time lag in Europe and North America. Hydrogeology Journal. In press
  • Vero, S.E., Macpherson, G.L., Sullivan, P.L., Brookfield, A.E., Nippert, J.B., Kirk, M.F., Datta, S. and Kempton, P. Developing a conceptual framework of landscape and hydrology on tallgrass prairie – A critical zone approach. Vadose Zone Journal. In press
  • Fenton, O., Vero, S.E., Schulte, R.P.O., O’Sullivan, L., Bondi, G. and Creamer, R.E. 2017 Application of Dexter’s soil physical quality index: an Irish case study. Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research. 56: 31-39
  • Fenton, O., Mellander, P.-E., Daly, K., Wall, D.P., Jahangir, M.M.R., Jordan, P., Hennessey, D., Huebsch, M., Blum, P., Vero, S.E. and Richards, K.G. 2017 Integrated assessment of agricultural nutrient pressures and legacies in karst landscapes. Agriculture, Ecosytems and Environment. 239: 246-256  
  • Datta, S., Vero, S.E., Hettiarachichi, G.M. and Johannesson, K. 2017. Tungsten Contamination of Soils and Sediments: Current State of Science. Current Pollution Reports. 3(1): 55-64
  • Vero, S.E., Healy, M.G., Henry, T., Creamer, R.E., Ibrahim, T.G., Richards, K.G., Mellander, P-E., McDonald, N.T. and Fenton, O. 2017. A framework for determining unsaturated zone water quality time lags at catchment scale. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. 236: 234-242


  • Vero, S.E., Healy, M.G., Henry, T., Creamer, R.E., Ibrahim, T.G., Forrestal, P.J., Richards, K.G. and Fenton, O. 2016 A methodological framework to determine optimum durations for the construction of soil water characteristic curves using centrifugation. Irish Journal of Agri Food Research. 55(2): 91-99


  • Fenton, O., Vero, S.E., Ibrahim, T.G., Murphy, P.N.C., Sherriff, S.C. and O’hUallacahin, D. 2015. Consequences of using different soil texture determination methodologies for soil physical quality and unsaturated zone time lag estimates. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology. 182: 16-24


  • Vero, S.E., Ibrahim, T.G., Creamer, R.E., Grant, J., Healy, M.G., Henry, T., Kramers, G., Richards, K.G. and Fenton, O. 2014. Consequences of varied soil hydraulic and meteorological complexity on unsaturated zone time lag estimates. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology. 170: 53-67


  • Vero, S.E., Antille, D.L., Lalor, S.T.J. and Holden, N.M. 2013. Field evaluation of soil moisture deficit thresholds for limits to trafficability with slurry spreading equipment on grassland. Soil Use and Management. 30: 69-77