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Jesko Zimmermann

Data Technologist

Research Interests

Jesko is a Data Technologist in the Agrifood Business and Spatial Analysis Department. Before joining Teagasc Jesko was a researcher at Trinity College Dublin with a background in environmental sciences.

In particular his interests lie in applied spatial analysis, land use dynamics, greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation options in agriculture, the circular bioeconomy, as well as ecology and biodiversity. IN addition to that Jesko has responsibility for data management in the department.

Current Projects

InformBio - Integrated Framework for Mapping, Modelling and Monitoring Ireland’s Bioeconomy (DAFM)

TerrainAI - Terrain Artificial Intelligence (Microsoft/SFI)

SuHeGuide - Food based dietary guidelines for sustainable and healthy lifestyles (DAFM)


2008 - 2013: PhD, Department of Botany, Trinity College Dublin
2002 - 2008: Degree in Landscape Ecology, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany

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