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Friday - 13th November

A Taste of the Future

On Friday, the focus was on Teagasc research & how it is changing the direction of that food journey.

If you missed anything on the day of this event, catch up by watching the recording below!

Plants, Mushrooms, Insects, Algae, Big Data – all are features on the journey of food from the farm to your plate. Then your senses get involved and your choices can affect health and sustainability. Our story highlights Teagasc research that’s changing the direction of that food journey, and gives you a Taste of the Future! Multi award-winning broadcaster, Jonathan McCrea brings us on this virtual event.

Panelists - Q&A



The Plant Clinic & All about Mushrooms– Speaker Brian McGuinness

Brian shows us his work in diagnosing diseased plants for the horticulture industry, how mushrooms are grown and introduces us to some exotic ones that may be in our future diet.

Insects – Crop pests – Speaker Michael Gaffney

Micheal shows us some Insect Towers in Ashtown and talks us through how his research is finding out about insect habits. This will help to reduce the amount of pesticides sprayed on crops, helping to protect the good insects.

The other Insect Story - Insects as food - Speaker Carlos Alvarez

Carlos introduces his research on how we could be getting some of our protein from insects in the future. Anyone for a cricket burger?

Seaweeds for Health – Speaker Maria Hayes

You probably think seaweed (algae) is just that slimy stuff washed up on the beach? Maria shows us how it can be a source of food ingredients that can add health benefits to our diet and even help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Sensory Analysis –how does your food taste? - Speaker Carol Griffin

Carol will tell us what sensory science is and how useful it is - what is a taste panel? How do taste panels work? What can they tell us?

The Sustainable Diet – Speaker Sinead McCarthy

We get a lot of mixed messages about what we should eat – what’s good for us and what’s good for our planet. Sinead will talk us through how to make our diet nutritious, healthy and sustainable.