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Science Week Monday 9th, November

Sustaining Plant Diversity into the Future

On Monday the focus was on highlighting some remarkable plants and initiatives for a plant-filled future. If you missed anything on the day of this event, the video is available below.

Questions and Answers for this event are available to view here: Q&A - Sustaining Plant Diversity into the Future

Sustaining Plant Diversity into the Future

The beautiful National Botanic Gardens in Dublin is not just for recreation. It is a hub for the conservation of threatened plants, research on safeguarding plants & education of future gardeners.

Panelists - Q&A

Topics Discussed

The Cohesions Tension Theory - Matthew Jebb

This involves the dicussion of how water can travel up trees without problems.

Tree Grafting - Paul Fitters

Grafting and budding are horticultural techniques used to join parts from two or more plants so that they appear to grow as a single plant. Paul Fitters will dicuss how garfting is used to create new trees.

The Importance of Palm Oil - Felicity Gaffney

This topic will cover the importance of palm oil and what can be done to make its production more sustainable.

DNA Extraction - Colin Kelleher

DNA extraction and how the process can be used to map relationships  and origins of plants is discussed.

Alloe Ferox Plants - Charlotte Salter

Here we discuss how Alloe ferox sap is extracted and why this plant is so important for the livelihoods of many people in South Africa.