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Virtual Pig Week

Virtual Pig Week Overview

Starting on Tuesday 19th October and continuing until Friday 22nd October, the Teagasc Pig Development Department will be bringing you the latest research and the best technical advice and information, at 1pm each day.

Each day will feature an interactive online event from 1pm to 2pm, covering topics such as the Teagasc Pig Research Facility – A Focus on production; Wet feeding – The main problem areas; Milk Supplementation – An overview and farmer experiences; and Topical issues – A live panel discussion.

Virtual Pig Week will be relevant to all involved in pig production and we encourage all involved in the industry to tune in.

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Listen to an episode of The Pig Edge Podcast which previews Virtual Pig Week

Tuesday - Teagasc Pig Research Facility – A Focus on production

On day one, the focus will be on the Teagasc Pig Research Facility (TPRF). Farm Manager, Tomás Ryan and Research Technician, Aisling Holmes will join host Amy Quinn, Teagasc Pig Development Department (PDD) Specialist Advisor.

They will focus on the gestating sow and the factors contributing to the persistently high farrowing rates. They will also examine the high weaning weights in the unit and how these are being achieved. They will discuss how their detailed record keeping and database of information contribute to these successes.

Wednesday - Wet feeding – The main problem areas

On day two of Virtual Pig Week, Gerard McCutcheon, Teagasc PDD Specialist Advisor will host a webinar on wet feeding with Joost Leijten, an independent consultant on wet feed systems.

He will look at some of the most common quality control deficiencies and system delivery problems associated with the wet feeding of pigs. He will examine three main problem areas, including how to identify the issues, possible resultant performance effects and how to rectify the issues.

Thursday - Milk Supplementation – An overview and farmer experiences 

On day three of Virtual Pig Week, Louise Clarke, Teagasc PDD Specialist Advisor will host a focus on Milk Supplementation.

Teagasc PDD researchers and farm staff will share some of their knowledge on the evolution of milk supplementation and the key technicalities around its use. Two pig farmers will also share their experiences with milk supplementation systems on their units. The focus here will be on the general management, key husbandry practices, performance and tips that they have experienced to date.

Friday - Topical issues – A live panel discussion

On day four of Virual Pig Week, Ciarán Carroll, Head of Pigs Knowledge Transfer, Teagasc PDD will host a live panel discussion on topical issues facing the pig sector including the fast approaching ban on Zinc Oxide in pig diets as well as pig meat supply, market opportunities and outlook.

The panel for this event will include a number of people from the Irish pig sector.


A Preview of Virtual Pig Week 2021

This year’s Virtual Pig Week will take place from October 19th-22nd on the Teagasc virtual platform and Ciarán Carroll joins Amy Quinn on the latest episode of The Pig Edge to preview what’s coming up.

The event will cover a different topic on each of the four days and will run from 1-2 pm each day and by doing so it is hoped this will facilitate all those involved on farm and in the industry to attend.