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Insects and Pests


Grain Aphid under magnification

Feeding Aphids on wheat ears

Grey Field Slug on wheat leaves

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques should be used where possible. For more information on IPM visit: Integrated Pest Management

Winter cereals are most vulnerable to pests from sowing to early establishment. Once established most crops can tolerate some degree of damage.

The major pests of cereals are:

  • Aphids (mostly the Grain Aphid and Rose Grain Aphid)
  • Slugs (mostly the Grey Field slug)
  • Leatherjackets
  • Rabbits
  • Bird Damage (mostly crows and pigeons)
  • Minor pests (wire worm, etc.)

Carefully examine cereal heads for feeding aphids, count aphids present in a representative sample and consider all options before treatment.

Leatherjackets attacking barley seedlings