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Winter Barley Monitor Crop

Teagasc are tracking two crops through the year with regular updates here and on Facebook and Twitter. These Monitor crops are typical of crops sown in the area. Keep an eye on updates to aid agronomy decisions to ensure high yield.

Background information

Long term tillage land in Cork
Cultivation Plough based system
Previous crops & yields ’14 Winter Barley 10t/ha
’15 Fodder Beet – 85t/ha
’16 Spring Barley – 7.5t/ha
Fertility pH 6.8
P Index 2
K Index 2


GS 33
Bontima 1.4l/ha
Bravo 500 1.0l/ha

Assessment high lodging risk - >1,000 shoots/m² plus high nitrogen (200kg) and no previous growth regulator applied.
Terpal 1.75l/ha


GS 33
Can 148kg/ha  - applied 40kg N
Total N 200kg/ha


GS 30
Three fungicides planned due to site location and previous response to fungicide trials.
T1 selected to deal with mildew and low level of net blotch.

Teagasc trial from Cork 2010-2013 – overall response

Proline 0.4l/ha

Jenton 1.0l/ha


Axial 0.2l/ha – wild oats history in field.

Adigor 0.8l/ha


GS 30
Can 370/kg/ha applied 100kg N

Total N 160kg/ha to date


12-7-23 +S 500kg/ha applied


GS23 - low levels of mildew present


Crop at GS 22. Some slug grazing but not causing any reduction in plant numbers.

Winter Barley Monitor Crop

Widespread mildew on lower leaves throughout the crop but treatment not required.

Winter Barley Monitor Crop


Recorded an average of 299 plants from 26 counts using a 0.2m² hoop. The variation from the 26 counts is shown in figure 1 which was taken at gs 12.

55.6g X 299 plants counted = 183kg/ha sown

Therefore 91% establishment was achieved.

Figure 1. Photo from field notebook.


Weed Control

Defy 2.0 + DFF 0.1


Crop sown in excellent conditions.

Variety: KWS Infinity treated with Redigo Deter

Thousand Grain Weight (tgw); 55.6g

Germination test: 99%.

Note: batch of seed was specifically germination and tgw tested.

Based on previous field history, sowing date and conditions the decision was made to target 280 plants m³with an expected establishment rate of 85%.

T.G.W. x Target Plant Population/square metre 55.6 X 280
% Establishment 85

= Required seeding rate ( in kg/ha) 183kg/ha