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Tillage Establishment Systems and Grass Weed Webinars

Enable Conservation Tillage (ECT) Project

The Enable Conservation Tillage (ECT) project are running a series of webinars to focus on tillage systems and grass weeds. 

The webinars will focus on farms from across Ireland who are converting to non-plough based systems and also how these farmers are dealing with grass weed challenges.

Specialists and Advisors will give an insight into the practice change to date and Researchers will give an overview of research to date around resistant issues.   

Details of the webinars are as follows:

Tuesday, 8th June | 11:30am - from the South East

Host Ciaran Collins, Teagasc Tillage Specialist was joined by ECT focus farmer Simon Neville, along with his Teagasc Adivsor, John Pettit and ECT Project Manager Jimmy Staples to give an insight into his current cultivation system, some of the issues that he's had with grass weeds throughout the years and some of the plans he has in place to overcome these issues.

Garrett Browne, ECT focus farmer and his Teagasc Advisor Ciaran Hickey also joined the webinar to give an insight into how weather and soil conditions dictate what cultivation methods he uses, wild oat resistance, sterile brome on the farm and what he does to overcome the challenges on the farm.

Watch webinar recording below

Tuesday, 22nd June | 11:30am - from the North East

The 2nd of our Enable Conservation Tillage project webinars will focus on blackgrass and its control on three farms in the North Dublin region and look at the how two of our ECT focus farmers have successfully converted to strip-till and no-till systems and how they have managed the grass weed challenge on their farms.

Topics covered

  • Blackgrass control in North Dublin
  • Strip-till and no-till establishment systems
  • Sterile brome control

Tuesday, 6th July | 11:30am - from the South

The last of our Enable Conservation Tillage project webinars looks at blackgrass and sterile brome control on three of our ECT focus farmers and how the identification of resistant grassweeds on these farms will affect their management strategies

Topics covered

  • Blackgrass and sterile brome control in non-inversion tillage systems
  • Resistant grass weed identification and management

ECT Project is a European Innovation Partnership (EIP) co-funded by the Department of Agriculture, Food, and the Marine (DAFM) under the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020.