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  • Rooster Festival - Overview

    John Spink gives an overview of what was learned from Rooster Fest 18 in terms of potato production, breeding and cooking. Oak Park has been breeding potatoes since 1962 and now breeds almost 45 varieties, with the best known being the Rooster potat

  • Potato Plant Breeding

    Fergus Meade discusses plant breeding, which is the science of changing the traits of plants in order to produce desirable characteristics. In terms of potato breeding in Teagasc Oak Park, DNA technology is routinely used to screen for disease resistant genes.

  • Potato Agronomy

    Shay Phelan talks about potato agronomy from Rooster Fest 18. One of the first things farmers must decide when they know they want to grow potatoes is what type of crop they want to grow. It is also important to have an efficient crop rotation system to prevent disease.

  • Potato Breeding

    Denis Griffin mentions how the potato is one of the most important crops internationally in terms of food security and the fourth most commonly produced. He goes on to speak about the process of creating a new breed of potato, which can take up to 12 years

  • Potato Blight

    Stephen Kildea talks about the most infamous potato disease, the potato blight. Stephen poses the question of is it still a problem and can it be controlled.

  • Potato Machinery

    Brendan Burke talks about the changes in machinery for potato farming from the 1950's to today. The process potato farming has now become a specialised field with huge harvesters now being use

  • Potato Quality

    Francesca Mesiti speaks about the cooking evaluation of the potatoes she breeds. She assesses aspects like the way the potato cooks, peels and also its texture

  • Potato Storage

    Michael Hennessy speaks about integrated management of potatoes at Rooster Fest 18 in Teagasc Oak Park. He also goes on to discuss potato storage

  • Potato Recipes

    Pádraig Óg Gallagher from Bord Bia talks about the dishes he prepared at Rooster Fest 18 using the Rooster potato that is grown in Teagasc Oak Park. Pádraig gives some new recipes that you can incorporate your own Rooster potatoes in.