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As salad potatoes are a short term crops it is vital that crops get off to the best start possible with little or no competition from weeds.

Weed control is usually dependant on pre- emergence herbicides. Metribuzin will form the base of most programmes (check Labels for varietal suitability) and will be partnered by various products eg, diquat, linuron, prosulfucarb, clomazone depending on the weed spectrum. Table 1 shows some popular pre-emergence.  Post emergence applications are not recommended as these can affect crop growth.

Grass weeds can be controlled post emergence using any of the approved graminicides eg. Falcon, Fusilade Max or Stratus Ultra.



Diquat 200g/L (Retro, Quad, etc.)

2.0 L/ha +Agrol

Standard recommendation to be added to residual herbicides

Spotlight Plus 0.33L/ha

Alternative to diquat

Metribuzin (Sencorex) 0.5 kg

Plus Diquat as above

Good on fat hen, black bindweed, redshank, pale persicaria, Poor on cleavers

Linuron (Afalon/Daltura) 1.0-2.0 l/ha**

Plus Diquat as above

Good on black bindweed, fat hen, pansy. Poor on fumitory, cleavers, knot grass.

Metribuzin (Sencorex) 0.5 kg

Plus Defy 4L/ha

Plus Diquat as above

Defy adds better control of cleavers and AMG. Useful nightshade control

Linuron 1.0-1.5 L/ha**

Plus Defy 3.0-4.0 L/ha

Plus Diquat as above (don’t include a non-ionic wetter)

Useful where bindweed is a problem, Defy also adds better control of cleavers and knot grass

Lingo 2.0L/ha

Plus Metribuzin (Sencorex) 0.5 kg

Where weeds are emerged add

Spotlight 0.33l/ha

Good all around weed control. Do not apply to emerging crop as bleaching will occur. Crops will grow away from this but in some cases will linger in the growing point.

Stomp Aqua/Most Micro

Plus Metribuzin (Sencorex) 0.5 kg

Plus Diquat as above

Very useful where black nightshade likely to be a problem.   Poor on cleavers

Stallion 2.5-3.0L/Ha

Plus Metribuzin (Sencorex) 0.5 kg

Plus Diquat as above

Good all round mix. Stallion must be applied at least 7 days before emergence to avoid bleaching etc.

Table 1: Pre-emergence herbicide mixes

** Linuron registration will be revoked on June 3rd 2017 and must be used up by 3rd June 2018