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Replanting or beating up should take place between November and March depending on the tree species and site type. To receive the Forest Service second instalment grant, at least 90% of the trees should be in free growth. It is important to replace any failures as early as possible, to ensure the forest develops evenly and to avoid unnecessary maintenance later on.

If the stocking density is too low, the Forest Service may delay or refuse the second instalment grant and premium payments could also be affected.

The number of trees per hectare can be assessed using circular plots. Count the number of (live) trees within an 8 metre-radius circle.

Number of live trees required (at 100% tree stocking)*


Number of trees required per hectareNumber of trees required per 8m circular plot
Lodgepole pine (pure)  3100  62 
All other conifers 2500  50 
Alder 2500  50 
Ash, Sycamore, other broadleaves 3300  66 
Oak, beech pure 3300  66 
Oak, beech wih nurse mix 3300  66 

* From January 2011