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Timber sales

Timber Sale Methods

Timber is sold in Ireland using one of the following methods:

  • Standing Sales. The forest owner sells timber as it stands in the forest at an agreed price in advance of harvesting. The buyer is responsible for thinning and harvesting.
  • Roadside Sales. Timber is sold to the buyer on the forest road. The harvesting contractor is paid by the forest owner. The haulage is covered by the buyer.
  • Mill Gate Sales. The buyer pays for the timber delivered to their yard/mill. The forest owner pays for the harvesting and haulage cost.

Timber Sales Contract

This template was developed by the Irish Timber Growers Association in consultation with the Forest Service (DAFM), the Health and Safety Authority, Teagasc, timber growers, timber buyers and the wider industry to facilitate and encourage the management of woodlands by providing a template Master Tree Sales Agreement for use by growers in standing timber sales. The project was funded by the Forest Service of the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

Timber Assortments

Timber is divided into categories based on the diameter of the logs produced during harvesting. The quantity (and price) of each category produced depends on the species, size and age of the timber being harvested.

  • Small diameter timber. This is generally the top section of the tree and has a diameter between 7 and 14 cm and is generally divided into three further categories: pulpwood, stakewood and energy wood
  • Palletwood. This is cut from the mid section of the log, which has a large end diameter of 20 cm and a small end diameter down to 14cm. It is used as the name suggests in the packaging industry, manufacture of garden furniture and fencing.
  • Sawlog /Light sawlog. This is cut from the lower section of the stem and is cut to a small end diameter of 20 cm. It is used to produce timber for the construction industry. In general, first and second thinnings would not contain timber large enough to fall into this category.