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Forestry for Fibre

Planting of trees for energy (Grant and Premium Category 12)

This scheme supports the growing of trees for use as domestic fuel or energy wood on a 10 to 15 year cycle.

This scheme does not fund short rotation coppice, Christmas trees or fast growing trees (cut every 9 years).

Tree species

Trees are planted at a minimum of 2,000 plants/ha. Stocking must be maintained at a minimum of 80% over the first five years of the period of premium payment. Planting should be carried out using pit planting where possible.

Minimum eligible area is 1 ha with a minimum width of 40 metres.

Eligible species are Italian Alder, Hybrid Aspen, Eucalyptus and Poplar with preference given to improved genetic material. The following species are eligible:

Species / genus    Species and clones
Italian Alder Alnus cordata
Hybrid Aspen Populus tremula x tremuloides (subject to plant availability)
Eucalyptus E. glaucescens, gunnii, nitens, rodwayi and subcrenulata.
E nitens only to be restricted to within 50 km of coast and frost-prone, low-lying areas also avoided.
Other species will be considered on application.
Poplar Clones 18 71058/2, Fritzi Pauley, Trichobel, V.471xV.24(65)/34, 72030/7, 76004/10 Raspalje 19 and Unal


Sites must be below 200 m elevation, enclosed/improved land, with free-draining arable or pasture soils, or surface water gleys without a peat layer.

Grant aid

The maximum grant and premium rates are detailed below. The afforestation grant is a fixed grant to cover the costs incurred in the establishment of a forest and paid exclusive of VAT. It is paid in two instalments as outlined below. An additional allowance for fencing (to the maximum rates detailed below) is payable with the First Grant instalment.

Please note that land planted under the Forestry for Fibre scheme must remain under forestry and therefore is subject to a replanting obligation.

The grant application is made by the forest owner in association with a Registered Forester: List of Registered Foresters (PDF). Valuable information on how to make a grant application, eligibility requirements, available options, etc. can be found here:

Grant Rates (€/ha)

Grant/Premium Category (GPC)1st Grant
2nd Grant
Additional fencing allocation (IS436)Alternative fencing allocation
(Non IS436)
Total Grant available
GPC 12 – Forestry for Fibre 2410 805 600 450 3815

Premium Rate (€/ha)

Grant/Premium Category (GPC)Annual premium <10ha
Annual premium >10ha
Premium duration (years)
GPC 12 – Forestry for Fibre 510 520 15