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Pure Broadleaves - oak or beech

Forest Type 6 (FT6)

The aim of Forest Type 6 – Pure Broadleaves - oak or beech is to produce quality hardwood timber.

Stocking density

Oak or beech must be planted pure at a stocking rate of 2,500 stems/ha and at a spacing of 2 x 2 metres.

Nurse species

An appropriate nurse species can be considered on large sites where additional shelter is required. The nurse species can make up 30% of the total stems per hectare.

A nurse species can be planted as follows:

  • As a line mixture of 1 in 10. The nurse species needs to be removed when they begin to dominate or interfere with the height and crown development of the main species.
  • In groups of 25-100 trees per group. Nurse groups must be evenly distributed across the site.

Grant rates


Forest Type

Grant Rates
(excluding fencing)

Annual Premium

Number of Premiums
for Non-Farmers
Number of Premiums
for Farmers


Pure Broadleaves - oak or beech

€6,744 €1,037 15 20 

Additional support measures

  • A Fencing Grant ensures that newly established forests are fully protected from browsing animals.
  • An Environment Report Grant will be paid if a report from an ecologist or archaeologist is submitted.

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