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Explore your forestry options with Teagasc at the Ploughing Championships, 19 - 21 September

With the new forestry planting season fast approaching, now is a great time to grasp the opportunities that forestry can provide as a farm enterprise. Visitors to the National Ploughing Championships in Screggan, Tullamore, Co Offaly are invited to call to the Teagasc marquee where your forestry options will be fully explored along with all other farming queries.

September is an excellent month to plan for a forestry venture. Teagasc will assist with your queries at the Ploughing.

Forestry is an ideal land use option for many landowners, generating competitive returns to make your marginal or fragmented land work for you. Forestry is a tax and labour-efficient enterprise option with important practical and environmental benefits. There is an increasing recognition of its crucial role in greenhouse gas mitigation and its potential to enable the expansion of sustainable dairy and drystock production systems. The offset potential of maximising our target afforestation levels can result in the saving of approximately 3 million tons of CO2 equivalent per year, a major benefit for the future.

Forestry can be an option for every farmer. Planting 20 acres (8 hectares) of Sitka spruce on marginal land delivers a typical annual forestry premium cheque in the post of €4080 for 15 years. There may be potential for the payment to increase to €5080 per annum if planting under the Native Woodland Scheme. 100% of the cost of planting is covered by the afforestation grant. Annual premiums are exempt of income tax and eligible land may also qualify for Basic Payment.

What other enterprise on marginal land could guarantee an income of up to €76,200 free of income tax over the next 15 years?

During the past twenty five years, 19,000 landowners -mainly farmers- have converted some of their land to forestry as an attractive economic and productive option to complement their farm enterprise. Over one third of landowners who planted in the last ten years have also planted again. This is a clear endorsement of the forestry option by many Irish farmers.

Teagasc provides independent and objective advice on all aspects of the forestry option. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet us at the Ploughing!