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2018 Forestry Premium application

How to apply for your 2018 Forestry Premium Payment?

You have two options:

  1. By post
    If you are not registered for online services with the Department, there is no need for you to do anything. Your premium application form (Form 4) will be sent to you by post as in previous years. It is proposed to post the paper Form 4 in mid February 2018. It is intended that payment of completed postal Form 4s will issue in April 2018.
    If you are registered for online services but you don't wish to apply for the forest premium payment online, then a Form 4 will be posted to you in mid February 2018 (if you have not applied online by the end of January 2018).

  2. Online
    You can now apply online for your 2018 Forestry Premium Payment at www.agfood.ie. Once a fully completed and correct online application has been submitted before 1 January 2018, the premium payment will be made in early January 2018. Payments will be made on a weekly basis thereafter.
    See below for further details on: How to apply online for the 2018 Forestry Premium Payment? and How to register for online services?

Further information

  • Annual Forestry Premiums 2018 FAQ (PDF)
  • Forest Service Premium Helpdesk, 076 106 4437. Make sure to have your Contract Number (CN) or your Forestry Owner (FO) number to hand.
  • www.agfood.ie or 076 106 4424 for all information on Registration, Usernames, Passwords, Personal Access Code (PAC) and technical problems relating to online services


How to apply online for the 2018 Forestry Premium Payment?

  1. Log on to www.agfood.ie 
  2. Enter your Username
  3. Enter the requested digits from your Personal Access Code (PAC)
  4. Enter your Password
  5. Select Logon
  6. Select IFORIS iNet (Forestry Online) from the menu of applications
  7. A list of your Forestry Contracts will be shown under Your Outstanding Form 4s
  8. Select a contract and then review and submit
  9. Select “I accept these conditions and wish to proceed”
  10. Select “De Minimis Declaration”
  11. Select “View Forestry De Minimis Details” and view your forestry De minimis payments listed in table 1
  12. You will be given the option to select “yes” (I have received other de minimis payments in addition to those payments listed in table 1) or “no” (I have not received any other de minimis payments besides those listed in table 1)
  13. If you select “no” then click “Save the Declaration”
  14. Press “Back” button to get back to previous screen to “I accept these conditions and wish to proceed”
  15. If you select “yes”, you must complete relevant details in the tables provided where appropriate. When complete, click “Save the Declaration”
  16. Press “Back” button to get back to previous screen to “I accept these conditions and wish to proceed”
  17. Please note that failure to complete (1) and, where necessary, (2), on page 2 of the Application Form will result in the Form being returned to you for completion and delayed payment.
  18. Complete the Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) details section, if required
  19. View the Aerial Photograph of your plantation and close out of the Map screen
  20. Submit your Application
  21. If you have more than one contract, all the information provided by you in relation to any “other” de minimis payments will be duplicated on each individual Form 4

How to register for online services?

  1. Log on to www.agfood.ie
  2. On the top left hand side of the screen, you will see Register for Online Service
  3. Select Register
  4. Complete Registration Details and then select Submit Registration
  5. A letter will then be sent to you by post with your log-on details which will include your Personal Access Code (PAC)
  6. Once you have received your letter, you can then apply for any online services, including your forestry premium