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Summary of changes of the Mid-Term Review

Revised Forestry Programme 2014–2020

This Mid-Term Review (MTR) is a review of the implementation of the Government’s Forestry Programme 2014 – 2020.


Measure 1: Afforestation and creation of woodlands

Grant and premium increases

  • 5% increase in all broadleaves and diverse conifer premium categories i.e. GPC 4 to GPC 10
  • 7% increase in all broadleaves and diverse conifer grant categories i.e. GPC4 to GPC 10
  • The minimum mandatory requirement per site will be increased from 10% to 15% broadleaves
  • 2% increase in grant amount for GPC 1- 3
  • 2% in premium rate for all plantations greater than 10 hectares, GPC 1 - 12

Forest Fencing and Tree Shelter Scheme

  • New deer fencing provision of €16.25/m, for IS436 @ 140 m/ha = €2275/ha.
  • Upgrade deer fencing rates €8/m, for IS436 @ 140 m/ha = €1120/ha.
  • This scheme will make a contribution of up to €300/ha for tree shelters aimed mainly but not exclusively at protecting broadleaves in the category “Additional Broadleaves, ADB”.
  • A contribution of €2.5/m up to a maximum of 140m/ha for forests that have been subject to hare damage after Form 2 payment and up to approval for Form 3 payment.

Establishment of a “Woodland Fund” for native woodland establishment (GPC 9&10)

  • The Department will explore the potential of a forestry fund for establishing native woodlands.

Forestry for fibre

  • Increase number of premiums from 10 to 15
  • Increase the premium rate to equal GPC3 (from €180/ha to €510/ha)
  • Increase the grant to match that of GPC 3 (from €2,450/ha to €3,815/ha)
  • Create a single GPC by combining GPC12a and GPC 12b
  • 2% in premium rate for all plantations greater than 10 hectares


  • Increased premium rate to equal that of GPC 6 (from €260/ha to €645/ha)
  • Increased grant rate to equal that of GPC 6 (from €4,450/ha to €6,220/ha)
  • 2% in premium rate for all plantations greater than 10 hectares
  • Eligible for grants for thinning, tending and pruning under the Woodland Improvement Scheme

All relevant GPC categories

  • Additional Fencing: IS436 increased to maximum grant of €600/ha (cap of 140m/ha)


Measure 2: Neighbourwoods

  • The scheme will be open to applications throughout the year
  • Increase coordination and promotion of this scheme
  • Increase allocation will be made available to reflect the scale of works being undertaken within individual projects under this scheme


Measure 3: Forest Roads

  • Road density to increase from 20m/ha to 25m/ha


Measure 4: Reconstitution

  • The new forest fencing and tree shelter scheme will provide funding to protect crops from the risk of deer and hare damage.


Measure 5: Woodland Improvement Scheme (WIS)

  • The WIS scheme will now be opened up to non-grant aided broadleaf forests and all broadleaved mixtures that meet the required eligibility criteria.
  • Furthermore, all broadleaved forests, including mixtures will be eligible for second thinning grants of €500/ha.

Support for Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF)

  • The element of WIS will be opened up to conifer, mixed and broadleaf forests; successful applicants are eligible for three WIS payments (€750/ha) for three separate interventions under the WIS scheme over a period of 12 years, once the work is in line with the approved transformation to CCF plan.


Measure 6: Native Woodland Conservation

  • Increase the grant available under the Public High Forest category to that of the Private High Forest.
  • Allow access to forest fencing and tree shelter scheme.
  • Fencing allowances available under the Afforestation Grant & Premium Scheme also apply to NWS Conservation.


Measure 7: Knowledge Transfer and Information Actions

  • A national scheme for Forestry Knowledge Transfer Groups (KTG) will be introduced, focusing on the mobilisation of timber and biomass.
  • Specific training in relation to agroforestry, forestry for fibre, CCF and the environment will be provided.


Measure 8: Setting up of new producer groups

  • Support for amalgamation of existing producer groups to create a new group may be considered.


Measure 9: Innovative Forest Technology

  • DAFM will promote the Innovative Forest Technology measure to create awareness of the funding that may be available under this measure.


Measure 10: Forest Genetic Reproductive Material

Seed Stand & Seed Orchard Scheme

  • This scheme will be open for applications all year round.

Seed Stand Element

  • Grant aid/ha increased to €750/ha (€600/ha first instalment and €150/ha for second instalment).
  • For areas susceptible to deer damage and where deemed appropriate by the Forest Service additional support for deer fencing will be provided to protect the stand. This will be paid in accordance with the rates and densities per hectare as described in the revised Afforestation Scheme document. However if additional deer fencing is required this will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Applications for Douglas fir, Scots pine, western red cedar, and western hemlock will be considered.


Measure 11: Forest Management Plans

  • A new Forest Management Plan and Certification Scheme will support certification of privately owned forests.