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Current SRF resource in Ireland

ShortFor Project - Work Package 1

Main objectives

The main objectives were to identify, assess and describe the current SRF resource in Ireland, and determine the potential of this resource to sustainably contribute timber or biomass fuel for renewable energy generation. In particular, site suitability of the current range of species and commercial varieties established in Ireland were assessed to inform further development. The data gathered from the current SRF resource were collated in a database for practitioners and researchers to use as a resource in future work.


  • T.1.1. SRF best practice.
    A literature review is being conducted to evaluate the suitability of potential species for SRF in relation to productivity, site range, frost and disease resistance, survival, breeding programme, coppicing ability and other characteristics.

  • T.1.2. Current Irish resource.
    Identification, location and mapping the distribution of plantations of species with SRF potential throughout Ireland is being carried out. 

  • T.1.3. Assessment of potential for energy.
    An assessment of site, species, soil type, stand productivity and wood fuel characteristics of species used in SRF is being carried out.

  • T.1.4. Establishment-review.
    A review of the potential impact of planting stock quality on the field performance of several species used in SRF is being conducted.