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White clover varieties

White clover cultivars are categorised by leaf size.

Small leaf white clover

  • Lower yielding
  • More persistent
  • Tolerant of tight grazing, g. sheep grazing

Medium leaf white clover

  • Intermediate for yield and persistency
  • Suitable for cattle grazing

Large leaf white clover

  • Higher yielding
  • Aggressive and can dominate a sward
  • Include in silage swards

Small leaf white clovers are recommended for sheep grazing and medium leaf white clovers for dairy and beef cattle grazing.

Variety Selection

Grass and white clover varieties should be selected from the Irish Grass and White Clover Recommended List Varieties published annually by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. The Pasture Profit Index (PPI) should also be used to select in conjunction for the selection of grass cultivars.

Grass and Clover Recommended List 2023 (PDF) 

Large leaf varieties – silage Medium leaf varieties – grazing cattle Small leaf varieties – grazing sheep