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Graham Swanton

Graham has been farm manager at Miletree Farm outside Clonmel since 2007.

There are 510 cows milked on 144ha with silage and young stock on outblocks. The herd of mostly Jersey cross cows sold 470 Kg MS per cow (supplied to Glanbia) from 900 kg meal in 2019.

He spreads a lot lime and this in turn helps him grow a lot of grass.

He grew 17 T DM/ha in 2020 from 250 Kg N/ha on the milking platform with 180 Kg N/ha applied on the whole farm.

About 50% of the farm has good clover establishment which receives a reduced rate of fertiliser. Graham scores paddocks for clover content in early autumn and from this, identifies paddocks which need oversowing with clover the following year.

Graham has proactively measured that 8.8% of the milking platform is habitat area, made up of hedgerows and forestry.