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Thomas Hogan

Thomas runs a 60-cow suckler-to-store operation outside Nenagh in Co. Tipperary.

The farm is split into two blocks with the cows and calves grazing on the 66 acre outblock during the main grazing season.

Thomas carried 45 cows plus calves here in 2016 and his goal is to carry 68 in 2021 on the same area.

Thomas is well on his way to achieving this. He has divided the area into 10 permanent paddocks that can be subdivided into smaller paddocks to enable a short grazing period. This allows paddocks more time to regrow, hence grow more grass.

In 2018, Thomas began tackling soil fertility on his paddocks then reseeding them. Soil samples are now taken every two years.

Better grazing management through grass measuring and joining his local Grass10 grazing course has allowed him to get more grazings per paddock and utilise more grass helping him reach his goals.

Thomas grew 12.5 T DM/ha in 2020.