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Ballyhaise Research Farm, Co Cavan

Ballyhaise Update 15-3-22

Donal Patton & Barry Reilly

Grazing conditions have been difficult which is normal for February / March grazing. Cows were turned out to grass in Early February and since then we have been using on-off grazing and 12 hour allocations to keep cows at grass. A small number of grazings have been missed due to snow or extreme rainfall. Average farm cover is on target at 920kg DM/ha and 38% of the farm has been grazed to date.

Cows are being fed 3kg of concentrate and 14kg DM of grass. Some silage has been fed when on off grazing when cows come in at night, 2kg DM per cow per day. Currently cows are out full time on pre grazing covers of 1300kg DM / ha.

36% of the milking platform has received 2500 gals slurry per acre and a further 16% has received 23 units of protected urea. The plan is to go with 46 units of N on rest of the area this week and to spread slurry on grazed paddocks that have not got slurry yet.

There is 450 Kg DM/Ha back on the 1st paddock grazed.

The cows are producing 22 Litres, Fat % 4.91, Protein 3.74%