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Grass Breeding, Establishment and Renovation

The objective of this sub-programme is to undertake research on grass breeding and cultivar evaluation (including clover) focusing primarily on traits that influence animal performance under grazing systems using both quantitative and molecular genetic approaches.

Potential Impact Indicators:

  • Evaluate a range of protocols for perennial ryegrass evaluation.
  • Improve output from grassland through the introduction and use of new and improved grass varieties.
  • Develop an economic evaluation index for perennial grass cultivars.
  • Development of lower cost methods of grass/clover establishment and renovation.
No.RMIS - OngoingResearcherStartEnd
6196 Evaluation of DM yield performance, persistency and longevity of grass cultivars at farm level and the development of a grass DM production database[69kb] O'Donovan M. 01-Jan-2012 31-Dec-2016
6262 Improving productivity of perennial ryegrass pastures in dairy systems in New Zealand and Ireland: Rate of genetic gain, pasture persistency, and genotype x enviroment interactions[69kb] O'Donovan M. 01-Jan-2012 31-Dec-2016
6410 Classical and Genotypic methods of increasing grassland productivity through breeding[70kb] O'Donovan M. 01-Nov-2012 31-May-2017
6648 Further development of the Pasture Profit Index: new traits, updating economic values and application of a total merit index for grass variety selection[70kb] O'Donovan M. 01-Jan-2015 31-Dec-2018
No.RMIS - CompletedResearcherStartEnd
6007 Assessing the dry matter yield, quality, persistence and compatibility of perennial ryegrass in pure strands and mixtures with and without white clover[10kb] O'Donovan M. 01-Jan-2010 31-Dec-2014