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Grass Growth, Sward Dynamics and Utilisation

The objective of this sub-programme is to obtain a better and more complete understanding of the interaction between pasture growth, decay and harvesting by the animal and relate this to overall productivity of pasture.

Potential Impact Indicators:

  • Maximize ruminant production from grazed pasture.
  • Development of decision support tools to benchmark grass production and utilization from grazed pastures.
  • Acquire a greater understanding of the effects of grazing management on grass production and utilization.
No.RMIS - OngoingResearcherStartEnd
6091 An investigation of impact of swards with different sward structures and over winter grass growth on milk output grass DM intake, rumen fermentation and methane output[68kb] O'Donovan M. 04-Jan-2011 31-Dec-2015
6334 Modelling for increased grazing management precision on Irish grassland farms[68kb] Hennessy D. 04-Jan-2013 31-Dec-2016
No.RMIS - CompletedResearcherStartEnd
6120 Strategies to increase white clover use in intensive dairy production systems[9kb] Hennessy D. 04-Jan-2011 31-Dec-2014/td>