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Sustainable Production Systems and System Analysis

The objective of this sub-programme is to undertake research on evaluating relevant technologies emerging from other programme and sub-programme areas in integrated whole-farm production systems (including clover based-systems).

Potential Impact Indicators:

  • Optimum grass-based systems within various constraints.
  • Higher profit grass-based systems of animal production.
No.RMIS - OngoingResearcherStartEnd
6241 Development and evaluation of Life Cycle Assessment technologies for the Irish Dairy Industry[9kb] Shalloo L. 01-Jan-2012 31-Dec-2015
6242 Predicting long and short term milk supply change in the Irish dairy industry[9kb] Shalloo L. 01-Jan-2012 31-Dec-2015
6263 Carbery Greener Dairy Farms[9kb] Humphreys J. 01-Jan-2011 30-Nov-2015
6491 The influence of animal genotype and calving date on the productivity of milk production in the BMW region of Ireland[69kb] Horan B. 01-Oct-2013 31-Dec-2017
6517 Increasing the resilience of Irish dairying through improved dairy cow nutrition in early lactation[71kb] Horan B. 01-Jan-2014 31-Dec-2018
6665 Rearing dairy calves in the post-quota era[69kb] Kennedy E. 01-Jan-2015 31-Dec-2019
No.RMIS - CompletedResearcherStartEnd
5500 Dairy production technology in the northeast[10kb] Horan B. 31-Jan-2005 31-Dec-2009
5518 Increasing the competitiveness of milk production in areas with high rainfall and heavy clay soils[11kb] O'Donovan M. 01-Jan-2006 31-Dec-2009
5891 An evaluation of the effect of stocking rate, calving date and nutrient management practice on the productivity of intensive spring milk production systems post milk quota[11kb] Horan B. 01-Oct-2008 01-Dec-2013
5892 Development of optimal management practices for replacement heifers entering the Irish dairy herd[10kb] Kennedy E. 01-Nov-2003 31-Aug-2013
6012 Resource-use efficiency in clover-based systems of dairy production[11kb] Humphreys J. 02-Jan-2010 30-Jun-2006
6015 The investigation of alternate expansive pasture-based milk production systems for the Border Midlands West regions post EU milk quotas[10kb] Horan B. 02-Jan-2010 31-Dec-2013
6020 Multi-species swards and multi scale strategies for multifunctional grassland-based ruminant production systems[20kb] Hennessy D. 01-Mar-2010 01-Dec-2013
6054 A common data exchange system for agricultural systems[12kb] Shalloo L. 01-Dec-2009 31-Nov-2012
6090 The evolution of dairy farming systems in Ireland with specific emphasis on the impacts of and processes underpinning technological adoption among existing and new entrant dairy farmers[8kb] Horan B. 01-Jan-2011 31-Dec-2013
6191 Towards land management of tomorrow - Innovative forms of mixed farming for optimized use of energy and nutrients[10kb] Humphreys J. 01-Sep-2011 01-Sep-2015