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Cut Foliage

Cut Foliage production

Eucalyptus for cut foliage

Pittosporum for cut foliage

Hypericum for cut foliage

Ornamental Brassicas

Cut Flowers

Annuals and Biennials for cut flower production

Perennials for cut flower production

Sedum for cut flower production

Peony production

Cut Flower Seeds and Young Plant Suppliers

Reports and articles that may be of interest 

Chauzat et al. 2002

Irish foliage supply to the UK Cut Flower market

Publications regarding beetles

Research Strategy 2016-2021

TResearch Autumn 15 cut foliage articles

Cut Foliage Research Update

Bog Myrtle for cut foliage 1220

Coford Species trial 2007

HortConnected Article - Ornamental Brassicas

Growing Flowers for Cutting 1521

HortConnected Article - Ornamental Brassicas

HortConnected article 2016 - A cut above

HortConnected winter 2018 - Full Colour

Prunus Laurel factsheet

Species Trials Kerry 2002-2005

Sunflowers 2221

The Foliage industry report - August 2012

420 Prunus Laurel 003










Cut Foliage Sector Plan 2020
Teagasc report on foliage production in Ireland - 2016
The Foliage industry report - August 2012