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Horticulture Webinars

Teagasc Horticulture Development Department are providing a series of webinars which will offer an opportunity to hear from industry professionals discussing topics of relevance to horticulture producers. 

The webinars are broadcast using zoom so participants will have an opportunity to submit questions during the live broadcast. 


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Nursery Stock Webinars

Previous Webinars
Thursday, 4 November

Teagasc Nursery Stock Seminar 
This event took place on Thursday, 4 November in Teagasc Ashtown Research Centre, Dublin and online via Zoom. 

The event consisted of two sessions, covering growing media and technical updates.   

Dr. Bart Vandercasteele,
ILVO Belgium
Kevin Mahon
Dr. Michael Gaffney,
Andy Burke and Conor McGee,
Dr Andreas Wrede,
Chamber of Agriculture Schleswig Holstein 
Thursday, 17 June

Wood fibre and growing media, its production and impacts on plant performance
This webinar reviewed wood fibre use in professional horticultural growing media

Dr Brian Jackson, North Carolina State University

Thursday, 15 April

Weed control in container and field grown ornamental nursery stock
Fourth webinar in the IPM and Weed control Series

David Talbot, Senior Horticulture Consultant with ADAS

Wednesday, 7 April 

Integrated Pest Management - Aphid pest control
Second webinar in the IPM and Weed control Series


David Davidson, Technical Consultant with Koppert 
Tuesday, 30 March

Integrated Pest Management - traps and pheromones for thrips and pest control
First webinar in the IPM and Weed control Series

Dr Claire Sampson, Technical Director with Russel IPM



Nursery Stock Webinars

Previous Webinars
Wednesday, 24 June 

Teagasc Nursery Stock Meeting
Sustainability and impacts of changes to products and supplies 

Dr Lael Walsh, Teagasc
Dr. Stephen Kildea, Teagasc
Mr. John Neenan, Chairperson Growing Media Ireland

Wednesday, 22 July

Teagasc Nursery Stock Meeting
Biostimulants and novel plant protection options


Dr Angela Feechan, UCD
Dr Brian Murphy, Trinity College Dublin
Wednesday, 26 August

Teagasc Nursery Stock Meeting
Plant health - Reducing the risk of Phytophtora and Oak Processionary Moth 


Richard O'Hanlon, AFBI
Declan Kealy, DAFM

Wednesday, 21 October

Autumn Plant Health


Glenn Kirby - Syngenta Technical Manager 

Monday, 7 December 

Teagasc Nursery Stock Meeting
Brexit preparations for plant exporters

Shane Kirk and Liam Finnegan,
DAFM Plant Health Inspectors  

Vegetable Webinars

Upcoming Webinars
Thursday, 2 December

Downy Mildew and Fusarium Wilt control in Protected Lettuce Production Webinar
First webinar in the Teagasc Winter 2021/2022 Vegetable Webinar Series 


Dr. Erika Wedgewood, ADAS
John Johnson, Enza Zaden

Tuesday, 7 December

Virus Disease Issues in Carrots and Parsnips Webinar
Second webinar in the Teagasc Winter 2021/2022 Vegetable Webinar Series 


Howard Hinds, Root Crop Consultancy Ltd
Dr. Michael Gaffney, Teagasc


Previous Webinars
Tuesday, 26 January 

Teagasc Carrot Fly Webinar
Second webinar in the Teagasc Vegetable Series 


Prof. Rosemary Collier, Warwick University
Colin Noble, Vegetable Consultancy Services Ltd.

Wednesday, 3 March

Sustainable Soil Health Management in Vegetable Production Webinar
Third webinar in the Teagasc Vegetable Series 


Dermot Forristal, Teagasc
Mark Plunkett, Teagasc
David Thomas, Riveira Produce, UK

Wednesday, 24 March

Weed Control in Brassica, Roots, Alliums and Leafy Salad Vegetable Crops Webinar

Angela Huckle - Associate Director in Crop Health with RSK ADAS UK and Weed Control Specialist

John Hogan, Vegetable Crops Agronomist.

Monday, 19 & Tuesday, 20 April

Supporting decision making on agricultural input reductions in lettuce production
Two day online workshop which took place across two days. 

Researchers at Teagasc; University of Warwick and University of Sussex 

Tuesday, 20 April

Clubroot in Vegetable Brassica Production

Prof. Geoff Dixon
Tuesday, 11 May 

Best practice in spray application in vegetable production
This webinar focused on best practice in spray application in vegetable production where we're joined by independent UK spray consultant Tom Robinson.

Tom Robinson, independent UK spray consultant.


Soft Fruit Webinars

Previous Webinars
Tuesday, 13 April

New advances in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for Soft Fruit Crops
Third webinar in the IPM and Weed control Series

Mr. Stuart Mills, IPM Specialist, Fargo Ltd, UK

Wednesday, 26 May

Latest Advances in Protecting Soft Fruit Crop Seminar
An interactive seminar which focused on the latest advances in protective cropping structures from Haygrove Ltd, UK.


Mr. Thomas Hurrell and Mr Daniel Van der Veen, Haygrove UK Ltd.

Thursday, 3 June

Latest Advances in Light Supplementation in Berry Crops Seminar

An interactive seminar which focuses on the latest advances in the use of light supplementation (LED's and night break lighting) in berry crops.

Signify Plc


Mushroom Webinars

Previous Webinar
Tuesday, 18 May

Mushroom Picking Technology
Alan Edwards presented the ‘Gamechanger Machine’. The Gamechanger is an innovative, affordable, mobile, compact, one person operated, harvesting robotic tool that has many benefits.

Alan Edwards, Mushroom Machine


Previous Horticulture Webinars

Thursday, 23 September

Sustainable Energy and Investments in the Horticulture Sector Webinar

Declan McEvoy, IFAC
Ray Langton, SEAI 

Tuesday, 28 September

Sustainable energy solutions in horticulture using solar PV and Heat Recovery


Pat Smith, Local Power
Peter McMahon, European Industrial Chillers

Thursday, 7 October

Plastic recycling and investigations into packaging and shelf life of horticultural produce


Francis Peters, KDI Recycling
Jesus Maria Frias Celayeta, TU Dublin

Vegetable Webinars

Previous Webinars

Tuesday, 1 December

Teagasc Brassica Webinar
First webinar in the Teagasc Vegetable Series

Andy Richardson, Managing Director, Allium & Brassica Agronomy
Michael Gaffney, Teagasc


Soft Fruit Webinars

Previous Webinars

Tuesday, 6 October

New Strawberry Varieties Seminar Speakers

Eamonn Kehoe, Teagasc
Johan Aelterman, IDRIS Consultants, Belgium